Friday, November 30, 2007

Cyclopaths Sighted in the Tour de Vineyard

Last Sunday, (November 25th), Cape Cod Mike, Cape Cod Ellen, Lynda, and four others from the Cape embarked on the 1st Annual Tour de Vineyard, a 69-mile cruise that started in Falmouth, around the perimeter of Martha’s Vineyard, and back to the mainland. A fun time was had by all, the weather in the 40's and the views - amazing! Maybe a Cyclopath adventure come the Spring?

Click here to see Lynda's Motion-based map of this ride!


Lynda said...

The day started out at 8:30am, meeting at the beach parking lot in Falmouth. Larry on the red trek, Max on the blue cannondale Iron-man tri bike, May on the
custom tri guru, Ellen on specialized Ruby 08, Tim (bike zone owner) specialized red tricross, Mike on the red Specialized Roubaix, and Lynda on the carbon-weaved Francisco, biked around 4 miles to Woods Hole, where we hopped the ferry at 9:30am bound for the Vineyard.

Once across the “pond,” we were treated to 40 to 45 degree temps and stunning water-views of small towns and EMPTY roads in the off-season. We even saw some very lucky turkeys, just grazing in a center island in West Tisbury!

About 10 miles into our ride, we were climbing a medium-sized hill, and the silence was shattered with a “bang,” Tim’s tire had been sliced from a road abrasion and the tube squeezed through and blew out. After patching up and blocking the slice in the tire, Mike and Tim turned around to go back to the bike shop in Vineyard Haven to replace the tire, when they came across a gentleman, W.H. Russell, who, after asking if they were lost, gave them directions to his house to get a spare tire that he had in his basement (and he is an Ironman triathlete – what are the odds?). Tim, being an owner of a bike shop, told the man that he’d ship him some tires and other goodies for his troubles. Mr. Russell offered for our 2nd annual Tour (Mike is reporting that will be in the Spring) to act as a guide. How wonderful!

The group did get split for a little bit, and as a result, we missed the planned ferry and took the next one that boarded an hour later. Some stopped in for some shopping at the Black Dog Bakery for some tasty treats and we boarded the ferry at 3:30pm. It was a fabulous afternoon, spent with just as fabulous company, and plenty of laughs and great atmosphere!

capecodcowboy said...

We should try and get a Cyclopath trip in the early spring before the mad rush for Martha's by the tourestas! The day and ride was a true gift as days like this one in Novemberrrrrr are very special indeed!Other than the Very poor service at The (lazy and apathetic ) Black Dog and the tire blow up it was a great ride with truly spectacular views and awesome company. it was a win-win!

Tam Cronin said...

Sounds like a great day -- and missing the planned ferry sounds very Cyclopathic. :-) Good thing McGyver was onhand to patch up that tire.

Loved reading your post Lynda!

(PS - I did switch the posting date so that it would read chronologically with Mike's post, also on Saturday. Cheers!)

Tam Cronin said...

PS -- Lynda's pics are posted in the Cyclopaths Photo Collection!! (Link in left column of blog.)

Margie said...

YESYESYES to a ride in the spring!