Monday, November 26, 2007

PMC 08

PMC Fundraising minimums and policy changes were announced today (and of course increased). All routes finishing in Provincetown have a $4,000 minimum requirement, while the one-day ride to Bourne is $3,000. (The Sunday Wellesley ride is the lowest at $1,300) Your reaction??


Tam Cronin said...

I think I'm done folks! I've been very lucky that my sponsors have generously gotten me over the top every year, but it gets harder to ask them year after year -- and the financial commitment is just too high.

capecodcowboy said...

I think I am done before I even got started! This increase makes it only a dream for me!!!! My hats off to all of you that can make it...I will either volunteer or cheer you guys on!

Lynda said...

It is looking like I will do it this year, but I don't know how much more I will be able to handle. I love this cause so much, and I hope that I won't have to make that decision too soon.

I'm a little sad right now.

Tam Cronin said...

I'll volunteer. :-)

Bruce K said...

Not sure what direction I am going.

1 Day rider

Virtual rider

SOme of my teammates are bailing and I am not sure how many of my business related supporters will still be there now that I am not at the business.

There is a very real possibility that I will devote this entire season to The Davis Phinney Foundation and the fight against Parkinson's Disease.


Anonymous said...

Brian and I are oficially 'retired' from the PMC. We may volunteer.


Quadzilla said...

If the rate of funds passed on wasn't so high, I'd probably drop out from doing this, but that 99 and 100% numbers keep me pushing on.

I will be adding some yard sales (props to Brenda and her J.F. yard sales!) and possibly truck services in exchange for donation. I will continue the "Closer By The Pallet" program, where every empty wooden pallet that I return to my company, they kick in 1.25 donation to J.F.
And more companies outside of this area will be sent a PMC brochure - I think that the companies around here have been saturated by the sheer number of pmc'ers now.

I sure do hope that I see most of you folks on the ride! It is a steep mountain to climb, but so rewarding once you get to the top!

(sorry about the length of the post - you know me... ;)

- L

TAm said...

Lynda -- I agree that the pass thorough rate is a good incentive to keep riding -- but the yearly increase in the minimum is frustrating. I want to keep riding and supporting the Jimmy Fund. I really do! But the stress of the fundraising gets heavier and heavier as the minimum increases each year. I have raised more than $4,000 each year I've participated, however knowing that I HAVE to raise that much is stressful!! (Riding the one-day wasn't as satisfying to me. I felt like I only did half of the PMC last year.) I always find the fundraising to be tougher than the actual ride! Will I get the same support next year?? It's always a question in my mind. I've already pushed my sponsorship circle to the max. I am reluctant to take on another challenge. Guess I'm still on the fence -- leaning toward not riding.

Anyone ride today?? COLD!! Who went to breakfast at the Depot Diner??