Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Saturday Breakfast, Brrrrr Biking Optional

Breakfast at the Beverly Depot Diner on Rt 1A. ~ 7:30 am.
If biking, meet in Salem- regular time 7:00 am.


Ellen G said...

but if you'd rather go skiing, give me a buzz. I'm looking for someone to share the driving duties with to head to Sunday River. C'mon! You know you want to!


Tam Cronin said...

Ellen!! Hope you, Drew, Lisa and Brian hook up at Sunday River this year. That sounds like fun.

The kids aren't ready for the Maine mountains yet (too much time in the car) so we'll be looking into Wachusett. (BTW, Thanks for the advice with that!)

Looks awfully cold tomorrow. My bike is retired for the winter. To the hearty souls who are riding -- I'll meet you by car.

Lynda said...

Due to gas prices being ridiculously high, I'm now going to be cycling most days to work, so what the heck, I'll ride on Saturdays too!

Have a great ride/breakfast today. Who's riding next weekend? ;) Get your cold weather gear out!