Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Big Chill

It was bitter cold (with blustery wind) on Saturday -- yet several diehard Cyclopaths bundled up and rode. Ducky and Steve-Bob insanely left Salem at 7 a.m. on two wheels, joining the rest of us (Sheldon, Gail, Donna, Drew, and Tam, all not fond of frostbite) at the Depot Diner for breakfast. Steve-Bob claimed it was 39 degrees. (Uh huh. Right. Try 32!)

Also rumored to be riding on Saturday were Margie, Paul, and Joan (at a later time?) -- and Bruce with a few Team Daisy crazies at 8 a.m. (Bruce, your email asking, "Are we nuts?" was rhetorical. Yes, you are.)

Nice to see some of the gang before the holiday -- wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!


Cyclopath-Donna said...

A sure sign of winter- Ducky biking in her plaid flannel pants. Sheldon, Gail and I have an agreement-- if the temp is 40 or above next Saturday we will ride!
It was nice to see a few Cyclopaths for breakfast on a Saturday morning. Tammy sporting a great new haircut! And Drew gearing up for another ski season.
HAPPY TURKEY DAY one and all!

Anonymous said...

Well, some of us smartened up in the morning and while 5 hearty "Daisys" hit the road for a 3 hour "cruise", another 5 of us spent a nice sweaty 2 hour session spinning at Club Xcel in Hamilton.

Sunday 5 of us hit the woods on cyclocross or mountain bikes for a nice 2+ hour jaunt through the woods behind Gordon College.

Cyclocross season ends in a couple of weeks and I hope to get 1 or 2 more races in.

Have a great holiday and travel safe if you are on the road.

Bruce K