Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What are your Winter Plans?

In keeping with the theme of our newest poll -- Offer your best ideas for keeping fit this winter! Are you skiing this year? Where are your favorite slopes? Taking a spin class? Who has the best classes for beginners? See a good deal on an indoor trainer? Share your ideas for staying active this winter!


Tam Cronin said...

I have a treadmill for running/walking indoors, but I was thinking of getting an indoor trainer for my bike. I'm not sure what's involved with that. Bruce, I think I talked to you about this two years ago. (Or was it last winter?)

Also, Will and I were taking skiing lessons 2 winters ago. We didn't get a chance to ski last year because of the renovation, but I hope to pick it up again this year. Of course I feel like we'll be starting from scratch. We were going to Bradford because it was an easy trek. Has anyone been to Nashoba??

Share your ideas. I'm down 35 pounds and hope to keep it off this winter.

Anonymous said...

I have an indoor trainer you can have. I'll be Spinning at the JCC.

Lynda said...

Along with the spinning, try some resistance training, like leg presses, hamstring curls and calf raises. More power on the bike is a good thing. You'll notice a difference for next season if you add weights to your regimen. Anyone interested in the adding this to your program, email me and we'll get into what a typical program would consist of.

I'm going to continue to workout at the gym and run (outdoors - it feels just like a summer's day when the heart gets pumping in the colder months) in preparation for the tryout for the Boston Rampage team in November, and will also add the indoor trainer and spin classes after January. Whew! Full plate! ;)

I hope that I can squeeze in a few more group rides with you all - I won't be able to ride again until the last weekend of October... between vacation and the wilderness weekend, again, full plate!

Tam Cronin said...

Donna -- Why don't you like your indoor trainer? Is riding on an indoor trainer different from spin classes?? (Excuse my ignorance, please -- I really don't know how the indoor trainers work!) Maybe I could borrow yours for a while and test it out before buying one? I know you like the spin classes at the JCC, but we aren't members. What is the drill for non-members? We belong to the Y and the closest spin class is in Beverly. (Until the new Y is built.)

Lynda, I like the idea of adding weights to my work out. Maybe not leg presses per se. I'd like to use the eliptical trainer at the Y but it looks a little daunting. Anyone have any experience with one of those?

Excuse me, men, fot the direction of the conversation... but Lyn, I'm hoping not to bulk up in the thigh/butt area -- do you know any spot exercises to reduce those trouble spots??

Good luck with the Rampage! I'm sure you'll do awesome in your tryouts.

October has been very hectic for us as well. I'd like to be riding on Saturdays but have been pulled in so many different directions with the boys. Soccer, football, apple picking, Topsfield Fair, CSI at the Museum of Science, the Davis Mega Maze in Sterling (awesome)... So much to do... so little time. It'll get cold before you know it.

Bruce K said...

YEs Tammy, riding on an indoor trainer is different. It requires WAY more discipline and determination as there is no scenery, and plenty of distractions.

Also, you need a training plan to gain any real benefit from an indoor trainer.

The beauty of spin classes is that there is a training plan for the class all thought out for you. The motivation comes from the instructor and the folks around you. Add in the music and it's a lot of fun to get your work in.

There are several good places to spin on the North Shore. I like CLub Xcel in Hamilton. Almost all the instructors are serious cyclists and PMCers to boot. But the overall approach is very cycling specific which really helps.

Xcel also has Pilates, yoga, a weight room, and Nordic Walking classes for a little winter cross training. I thought I heard they are looking at snowshoeing as well for this year.

There is a place in Marblehead that does triathlon and cycling coaching and they have spin classes, weight classes and outdoor training sessions.

If you can get hold of a good workout plan (I think Chris Carmichael wrote a book with some in it) and can find the quiet time to execute it, then try the indoor trainer. But there won't be as great a benefit if all you do is sit on the bike indoors and turn the pedals.


Anonymous said...

Congrats Tam! Looking Good :)

Anonymous said...

-- It is Lamb Jam weekend. Queen Kathy (yes, she is still on this side of the grass) and I will be traveling to Pennsylvania.
See you next week!

Quadzilla said...

Your quads are your largest muscle - if you work them along with the hamstring/glutes, you will see your rides get more and more productive. It is very difficult to "bulk up" - you would need to press very, very heavy for a while in order to do that 4-5x/wk heavy, a-la-football), which you don't want to anyway. See what you can press only 1 repetition of and take perhaps 50 or 60 percent of that number and do 12 to 15 repetition 3 to 4 sets. You can adapt that same plan for squats, abductor/adductor (inner or outer thigh) and hamstring curls. If you do this 2-3 times a week plus cardio, you'll see a difference in 6-8 weeks.

Don't forget your core, too. Situps, ball crunches are fun (no, really) and leg lifts.

There are no "target" exercises really to reduce trouble spots. Those spots will eventually reduce on their own terms, and the way to do it is to keep cardio in your regimen. The more regularly that you keep that heart rate up, the more your metabolism is jacked up. Do 1/2 hour cardio, then leg weights and you'll be on the right track.

Lastly, make sure to have a good serving of protein either before or after your workouts. Re-building of muscle fibers is most active in the first hour after workout.

When you get back on the bike, you'll see... :)

Ellen G said...

I absolutely HATE riding the trainer and I won't do it, you can't make me! This winter I plan on doing a LOT of skiing, and maybe actually skiing with Drew instead of playing phone tag :) Swimming is on my list of things to do as well. Probably going to do some long distance swims (4+ miles) in 2008.

Tammy, skip Nashoba and go to Wachusetts. Or better yet, head to Sunapee. They have a wonderful beginner slope. Wachusetts is an ok place to start while Nashoba was horrible, overcrowded and over-priced.

Congrats on the weight loss. You looked awesome the last time I saw you!


Anonymous said...

I say let's bike thru the winter as weather permits. Cyclopathingly yours, Rabbi Shelly a.k.a. The Belarus Kid

Tam Cronin said...

Great ideas!!

Donna - Hope Lamb Jam was fun!

Lynda - Gotta write down everything you mentioned. Protein, cardio, crunches, etc... so much to remember! Ever think of personal training as a career??

Bruce - Club Xcel sounds great. Is that where you've been taking Spin classes?? I think you've mentioned them before. I'm trying to picture you taking yoga. ;-)

Ellen -- Thanks for the tip on Nashoba. Will and I will check out Sunapee and Wachusett. The closer, the better. He's only 8 and doesn't last a whole day skiing. ;-) I forgot about Wachusett. I think it's only an hour and a half away, which would be perfect.

Sheldon! You're such a diehard. I hate the cold, though, and it's tough to get out of bed before 7 on a Saturday. :-) Happy riding!

Hope all had a good weekend!

Bruce K said...

am -

the place. It's in Hamilton right around the corner from Henderson's and Bay Road Bikes.No yoga for me, but I do take a Pilates - Essential reformer class twice a week for core strengthening and flexibility.


Anonymous said...

I used to teach skiing at Wachusett. It is a great little mountain and a bit more challenging than Nashoba. The do have a good ski school as well. I think you andyour family will enjoy it there. I agree with Bruce regarding the trainer. I really enjoy spin class. I try to take 2-3 classes per week. Just my 2 cents.... Lisa

Lynda said...

Personal Training? I don't know if I'd have the patience for that! If I crack that whip, they'd better listen, ya know?? ;)

Missing riding with you all! (But relaxing for once on vacation so that's nice).

I've got some touch football to play. See you all on the 27th.

Lynda said...

Wow - strange turn of events for my "off-season" plans.

There will be no football tryouts, due to the two Boston teams merging and creating on unified team. Too many personnel means that there will be no tryouts and there will be some cuts. :(

SO... my focus will be on impoving my cycling skills, and I will be registering in January with a cycling coach at Stage 5 Cycling in Arlington ( to help me improve in various cycling discliplines.

Tam Cronin said...

Good luck with your tryouts Lynda!! (Noting the change of plans since your last post.) I know you'll rock it!

Miss riding with all of you but family events have kept me off the bike. Looks like this Saturday (Halloween Ride!) will be my last chance before the weather really turns -- if I can get out of bed in time!

Ren said...

I'm a rank amateur, and only on the same side of the bridge and tunnel as The North Shore (in East Boston) but I've found training indoors in front of a computer (I can't type then, but can use the mouse) helps the time pass. My girlfriend watches movies and listens to audiotaped books for the two months a year she doesn't commute to and from work and it seems to work well for her.

The following has nothing to do with this blog but this was the only way I could find to contact you: we went to high school together. My name used to be Noreen Hewson. You called me for the twentieth reunion which I couldn't attend. I am attending the 25th reunion (the Friday of Thanksgiving weekend). I'd love to catch up if you're game. My public email is girlsnqueers AT gmail DOT com. Let me know one way or another.