Sunday, October 14, 2007

Brrr Chilly October 13th Ride

A few fairweather friends rode on Saturday morning, October 13th. The few and the brave included: Joan and Paul, Sheldon, Gail, Marjorie, and Ducky. Starting temps 38 degrees. Brrrr! (I drove to meet the group at the Depot Diner in Beverly. Manny drove too.) Sheldon reports that after breakfast, Ducky led the group on a great ride through the back roads of North Beverly and Hamilton. The sun was was shining and it was a spectacuar fall day.

Well wishes and healthy thoughts to Manny!


Anonymous said...

How well I remember, when way past December
"The boys of summer" could not slumber.
They'd put on their long johns, then their cyckling PANTS, 'booties' over their biking shoes and you could hear the rants
as they pulled up their full-fingered/hand gloves..(they could feel the heat)..
The poet(ess) laureat of the Cyclopaths....

Michael K said...

just love our poet laureat -

sorry i have missed your rides - last weekend ann's father died at age 93 - he was shoveling snow last winter and was only in the nursing home for a couple of months - ann was with him at the end - they are having a memorial service on saturday in NH at 11AM so we will be heading up there - i am signed up for more atonement the first weekend in november so oct 27th (SPOOKY WEEKEND)is my only free saturday in the next few weeks - hope all are well - peace
PS not sure if you saw the Today show piece on a PMC rider with one leg who biked 2 days!!

Lynda said...

I miss you guys/gals! I will be there this coming up weekend. The forecasts are calling for a low of 44 and high of 65. Not bad temps at all. See you there!