Sunday, October 07, 2007

Another Beautiful October Ride!

Peddlin' to Manchester-By-The-Sea for breakfast: Sheldon, Bill Cantor, Ducky, Av, Marjorie and Paul Price. Joining them @ breakfast were Manny & yours truly (Barbara ). Trust the rest of the Cyclopaths were out enjoying the gorgeous weather!! You were all missed.... Barbara


Michael K said...

glad to see the group enjoying each others company, especially bill, sheldon, and av - with special greetings to Manny - and the rest of you are just plain "AWESOME" - i spent the weekend mornings at a retreat in methuen washing pots and pans - i am still ATONING for my human weaknesses at our last gathering in Topsfield -

Anonymous said...

Keep Atoning! : )

- Nice peddlin' Sheldon, Bill, Ducky, Av, Marj & Paul!


Anonymous said...

Hey, we went way past Manchester. We kept churning 'til we reached Gloucester! Margie