Sunday, September 02, 2007

Unofficial End to Summer

It was "like old times" over the holiday weekend, with twenty Cyclopaths crowding into The Depot Diner for breakfast on Saturday. (Can you believe we all stayed together for breakfast?) Really nice to see Jeff B. joining us for a ride -- and stopping with us for a quick bite to eat before he and Wally headed out. The folks at The Depot Diner were very friendly, the food was good, and Sam (of course) kept it interesting.

After breakfast, a few headed back to Salem (Sam, Av, Bob H., Joan, and Paul), while the rest of the pack took off on a great ride through Hamilton, Ipswich and Manchester. Through back roads and a few hills, (Go Lynda!), a spill and a near-miss (Donna, Mike K., and Sheldon), and one wayward split requiring a phone call or two to regroup, Drew, Gail, and Ducky lead us on a beautiful route we really should ride more often! Fabulous!! Lisa, Arlene, and CCMike (AKA McGyver) kept the pace going. And it was nice to have Mike B. and Little Dave riding with us again. So many laughs!

13 riders rode together and finished together -- A perfect way to begin a new fall season of cycling.


capecodcowboy said...

wonderful ride and even better company!
ATB :)
McGyver aka ccm

Lynda said...

I am still hearing all of those bike bells! Ding ding, I think they hear us coming... :)

Michael K said...

quite a day - classic cyclopath event - many riders, joyful smiles, lots of banter, hospitable wait staff and owner, great food (the best spinach and cheese omlet ever!!), beautiful weather, great ride after (watch out for apple hill) and SAM .....

"OVER THE MOON" (irish proverb) and yes they had a decent fruit cup!!


Anonymous said...

More pics of Saturday's bike ride are posted on Shutterfly. Have a GREAT ride Saturday. I will be down in Hyannis with Ellen & CCMike doing a triathlon. Should be hot and humid.