Sunday, September 09, 2007

Hyannis 2 Triathlon 09/08/07

Cyclopaths Donna & Ellen completed the Hyannis 2 Sprint Triathlon at Craigville Beach on Saturday. There was no heat and humidity to speak of (as predicted). There were gale force winds and grey clouds quickly rolling by at 7:00 am. Ocean conditions for the swim were more conducive to surfing than swimming. The swim course was shortened for safety sake and the direction switched so swimmers could go with the current. A run along the soft sandy beach was added. That first section of the race took less than 5 minutes. It was a very quick swim in the waves. Water temp 67 degrees. The bike course was 10 miles with a few rolling hills. Thankfully the wind was not much of a factor. And the run course 3.5 miles. Ellen finished in the top 3 in our category and earned her 3rd medal of the season. YAY Champion Triathlete Ellen! And I finished faster than my June time. A fun time was had by all.

Post race Sunday was spent pedaling along the Cape Cod Marathon route in Falmouth. Deemed "The Eggplant Ride", Cape Cod Mike, Ellen and I had a very nice 31 mile ride. We battled the wind and a few hills on the way out and enjoyed a steady tail wind and nice downhills on the return. The route went right by the famous lighthouse. Very scenic. We took time out to admire eggplants on the side of the road at a farmstand. We rang our bells at lots of other bikers, runners, and drivers. --Donna


capecodcowboy said...

Very proud of our Cyclopath Triathlete's! Donna and Ellen Finished in the proper upright position and had a smile on their face. Great going Ladies.

Lynda said...

Great recap of the Tri! Way to go, gals!

Anyone care to recap the Cyclopaths ride? I missed riding that day and I'm wondering what kind of ride you all had!

Tam said...

Will get to a recap when I can. It's been a busy week.