Monday, September 24, 2007

GSW Seacoast Century Recap

Lynda, Ellen, and Cape Cod Mike rode the GSW Seacoast Century this past weekend, September 22nd. The weather was perfect -- What a great weekend to ride! Lynda writes a complete wrap-up of the Seacoast Century in the Comments section of the blog. (Check out her pics from the day in the NS Cyclopaths Photo Collection!)

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Would love to hear a report from the Hub on Wheels riders!


Recap by Lynda said...

The time was just right, the skies, they got better as the day wore on, and the company was absolutely entertaining! What a great ride!

Cape Cod Ellen, Cape Cod Mike and I (Lynda) met at Hampton Beach NH for the start of a wonderful journey, for this was Mike's and Ellen's first century ride, ever! And they did it. Kudos to them.

We checked in promptly at 7am, pinned our numbers on, and prepared to ride. Skies were foggy, mid to high 50's, but dry. Late morning saw the fog burn off and the sun came out, getting the temps into high 70's.

All three of us left the staging area around 7:30am. We first travelled south, going into Mass. into Salisbury, looping back to the staging area (stopping in if you needed a restroom, or some snacks/water), and continuing north, following scenic route 1A, with some side streets for an added small-town charm. Most of the way up was the classic Cyclopaths Tri-State route. Rest stops were approx. 25 miles apart, making water fill-ups a breeze. The food was the same at all stops: bananas, oranges cookies and pb&j sandwiches.

We hooked up with some other riders to form a nice paceline. Ellen was whooshing right along! Very difficult to keep up to snap of pic of her, that speed demon! We were cooking along for quite a few miles, right up to the bridge in Portsmouth (we saluted the "Meany Toast for y'all ;) A nice feeling indeed.

Mike and I broke away several times, sprinting for about a 1/4 mile, then recovering, letting the pack catch up. Love that interval training! We were dinging our bells at everyone, passing cyclists, kids with their parents out on their lawns to cheer the riders on, pedestrians, everyone knew us as "the two ding-a-lings"... :)

Now, Ellen and Mike were *supposed* to be observing Yom Kippur, as that holiday was today. Instead, they were out cycling, and they and their family were fine with that. But for Ellen, today brought some bad luck her way, maybe Judas making himself heard?

Ellen had chain-suck three times, some leg cramps AND she lost two water bottles from her seat bottle-holders, due to some serious bumps in the road - one bottle got run-over squarely by a passing motorist - I saw it happen! Unbelieveable bad luck, sorry Ell!

I had a near-miss with Mike's rear wheel. We were passing a runner who was being pace-coached by a cyclist. I took interest in that, my gaze taking longer than I should have, and when I looked forward, there was Mike's wheel. I swerved slightly to the right, clicked out of my left pedal, the cleat scraping the ground, me yelling, "ahhhh!" as if that was going to help the situation get better. No collision occured, don't know how I avoided that one... whew!

And Mike, he was just dandy, no mishaps to report. He had himself a solid ride.

On the way back from the Lighthouse at Neddick, our turnaround point, we then had to deal with a head-wind, which promptly sucked the energy from us. But we still were able to manage a decent pace.

Oh yeah, and while in York, we came across the General Lee, 01, a replica of the car in the tv show the Dukes of Hazard.

The route back included some wonderful "detours" both on the Maine and New Hampshire sides, to avoid traffic on 1A Mike GPS-mapped the route - maybe we could use some of those alternate routes for our Tri-State Ride, to avoid some beach traffic? Link to the map is:

Nice ride! 6.5 hours total on the computer, and it was a true pleasure to see Mike and Ellen complete their very first century - congrats to both of you!

Tam Cronin said...

Congrats to all three of you. Sounds like a great ride and a great day. Thanks for the recap Lynda!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the 3 Cyclopath-Centurians!!!! I am glad the temps did not soar as they did elsewhere on Saturday. Sorry I did not join in the fun-- I was "dovining" in Temple. : )