Thursday, September 20, 2007

GSW Seacoast Century & Hub on Wheels

Have a great ride and great weekend, to the gang riding the GSW Seacoast Century, Sept. 22 & 23; and to those participating in the City of Boston's Annual Bike Festival, Hub on Wheels Sept. 23rd!


Bruce K said...

IF anyone from the Cyclopaths is doing Hub on Wheels you are welcome to join in with the gang from The Serotta Bicycles on-line Forum on the 40 mile route.

We have about 10 riders, 8 men and 2 women, including a tandem, heading out for this interesting ride through Boston.


Lynda said...

Have fun on the Hub On Wheels!

Ellen, Mike and I will be up north riding the Seacoast Century on Sat. Anyone else doing Seacoast?

Bruce K said...


Nancy and I drove up the NH/Maine coast today following a fair amount of the route.

The Portsmouth area has lots of road construction, scarified pavement, some dirt patches, and uneven shoulders.

The rest of the route looks pretty much that same as when we rode the Tri-State.

Have a great time but be careful out there.