Monday, September 10, 2007

Another Warm One!

Hot ride on Saturday! We stayed along the coast for a quick ride to Manchester, with Arlene, Steve-Bob and Lisa continuing on to Gloucester. With the heat rising, many of us were content to keep it a short ride! Joining us for breakfast at The Beach Street Cafe were Bill and Barb, Sue Burke, and Manny! (Nice to see them all!) Ed and his sweetie, Michelle, also drove out to Manchester to join us for breakfast! (Michelle had taken a spill in Salem before the ride. Happy to know she's o.k!)

After breakfast, the temps were rising. Joan and Paul headed home; Av, having tire troubles, hitched a ride back; and Sheldon lead the remaining pack (Margi, Bob, Gail, and Tam) up to Singing Beach. (Ed and Michelle also joined us at the beach for a song or two.) It was a leisurely ride back to Salem before the heat of the day set in. Pics posted shortly!

This week: Rosh Hashanah! Happy New Year to all who celebrate! --Tam


Arlene said...

Steve-Bob, Lisa & I had a beautiful ride out to Gloucester and a great breakfast on the deck outside at Morning Glory. It felt like we had a tail wind on the way there and also on the way back--perfect riding.


Tam Cronin said...

Thanks Arlene!!! ;-)

I had hoped to post a few pics from last weekend but have misplaced my camera. The mayhem and disorder at my house is starting to drive me crazy!