Sunday, August 26, 2007

No Fruit Cup Here

Summer has returned! We stuck to the coast on Saturday, making our way to Manchester and the Beach Street Cafe for breakfast -- where a pineapple cup was on the menu for $3.99. (ordered by Drew).

Nice to see Councilor Mike riding with us again -- as well as Ducky's son, Tim, making his annual visit after the Mt. Washington Hill Climb (cancelled this year.) Also riding Saturday were our Alaskan travellers Joan, Paul, Av and Sheldon; and Gail, Ducky, Donna and Tammy. (Venturing northward to Gloucester in the steamy haze were Lisa, Anne, Arlene and Lynda -- who writes a recap below.) While the air was dense and the temps were rising as we headed home, we all had a great ride before the heat of the day set in.

Next week: Sleep in late? There is a rumor going around that we go back to a 7 am start. Hopefully Donna will confirm! :)

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Cyclopath-Donna said...

GREAT PIC of the Cyclopaths! I LOVE all the team jerseys. It was a short but sweet ride. Some of us ventured to Singing Beach and sang Zippidy Doo Da. The waves were beautiful as they rolled in.
MAZEL TOV to the Kellehers as they celebrate the wedding of "Sir" Michael Jr and Jill.