Sunday, August 19, 2007

"How Big is Your Fruitcup?" Ride

It was a short ride to breakfast at the Beverly Airport "Something Different" Restaurant. Riders included; "My-son-will-be-married-next-week"-Michael K., Av (back from Alaska), Paul G, Gail, Joan and Paul (also back from Alaska), Lynda, Cape Cod Mike AND ELLEN(!), Marji, Bruce and me- Donna. Overheard at breakfast was Lynda asking the male waiter (not that there is anything wrong with that), "How Big is Your Fruitcup?"; And Joan's elaborate description of her travels through Alaska - "Mountain, mountain, mountain, body of water, mountain, body of water with mountain behind, mountain, mountain... grizzly in the grill of the car... mountain, mountain...

After breakfast, half the group headed home while some of us headed up to Bradley Palmer Park. Bruce led the way down a new route along the backroads of Topsfield. We lost Paul before stopping to regroup at the church. (Ellen and I stopped to take pics of some enormous pumpkins in a patch on the side of the road.) We regrouped and then headed off, minus Paul. Soon I fell behind and continued on Linebrook, not knowing the others had taken a turn onto Plains. (We did not go the usual route. ) Up ahead, Ellen was in desperate need of a "porcelain convenience", so Bruce sped up and led Ellen quickly to Bradley Palmer. Lynda and Mike stuck together, though neither were familiar with the roads. Many cell phone calls were made. It took a while to determine where everyone was. Bruce took a leadership position and set Plan B into motion. I turned back and made the turn I missed the first time -- Lynda and Mike made their way up Old Rt. 1. -- Ellen biked to the stop sign to watch for Mike and Lynda. Bruce pedaled back to find me. Within 10 minutes we were all back together. Yay Bruce! :) We made our way through the park and back to Salem. Ironically, Lynda was seen giving directions to tourists at the Roger Conant Statue. It was quite the adventure. Pictures posted on Shutterfly! (Link on left).


Lynda said...

And just how enormous were your pumkins? Hey - you guys started it... ;)

That was certainly a ride chock-full of entertainment. You all had me laughing the whole way home!

If there are landmarks I can get there, I have to work on the rolling hill navigation skills now. :P

Much thanks to Bruce for reeling us back in!

ellen said...

I'll try to not need "a porcelain convenience" the next time I am lucky enough to ride with you guys. Note to self: bring fruit cup for Lynda!