Monday, August 06, 2007

Congratulations to all on a great PMC

Despite the overwhelming heat, (95 degrees at one point), it was an amazing day. Bill and Sam led the pack of riders out of Wellesley while Sheldon cruised on down to Bourne with his posse. (Mike K., Donna, Drew, Tam and Glenda.) Meg, Ed, Mike M., Wally, Little Dave and Patty were also seen at the Wellesley start. Where was Pedal-Pete? Word out of Sturbridge is that Lynda, Lisa, Brian, Ethan, Mojito Dave, Jeff (and Ben), Bruce and Brian Carver also had great rides. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to take a large group photo at the end of the day, but with Ethan's persuasion, a PMC photographer did take an official pic of our partial team! (With Brenda and the Flat Founding Fathers in tow!) Fun! Pics will be posted soon --Congratulations to all!


Tam Cronin said...

Re: Photos: Rather than set up another blog page for photos (like I have the last 2 years) I thought I'd try sharing photos through an online service -- I chose Shutterfly. It takes me a while to set up individual blog pages, and I just don't have the time this week. If everyone who wants to share photos can add to our shared PHOTO COLLECTION at, that would be terrific. If not, that's fine too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS to all involved with this year's PMC- Riders and Volunteers. The ride lived up to it's name: The Pan Mass CHALLENGE. It was hot out there. I had a blast being part of Belarus' posse. : ) It was great riding with "The Kid from Belarus" aka Shlomo, Tammy, Drew, Michael Kelleher, and Little David and Meg for a while. Glenda completed her first PMC. The "Flat Founding Fathers" were all over the PMC- pics to follow.

Anonymous said...

... and Glenda said

Thanks for all your support on my first PMC ride! It was an exciting emotional event! Sorry I missed the picture. I was wandering around looking for my luggage, which has not yet been recovered. It's hard to describe to people the emotions I felt when folks were clapping and cheering "thanks for riding" - I shed many tears whle riding, especially at the lunch stop with the pictures of the pedal partners. Thanks, again!


Tam Cronin said...

LOVE seeing the pics of the Day Two riders wearing their Cyclopaths shirts -- Ed, Dave, Brian Carver (on TV!). ;-)

Anonymous said...

This was my best PMC only because we rode togther as the Cyclopathic Team. Without your support I couldn't have made it. My deep appreciation to Tammy, Donna, Mike Kelleher,Drew and Glenda. The heat didn't count as long as we were together. I was even called sexy by an admirer who was a Cyclopather! I love you all, the Belarus Kid a.k.a Rabbi Shelly

Lyndaq said...

Regarding the shared album: I can't seem to modify (delete some photos) from the ones that I recently added. Is there a way for individuals to do this, or am I searching for a function that isn't available to me?

Michael K said...

Michael K says:
Great effort - CYCLOPATHS - You ROCK!
Some short notes:
- Missed Manny at Bourne (altho i did not go on campus but stayed with ann (no ID bracelet)and drove to Brewster
- Also not the same at MMA without Sam and Bill C
- We looked awesome with the shirts (Brain Carver on NECN!)
- Thanks to the Cyclopath Cheerleading team at Ptown -THE BEST
- As Sheldon said - without Tammy, Drew, Donna, Glenda, and Shel staying together and patiently riding with the wind at our backs it would have been a tougher PMC - THANK YOU

And Lastly, Sue and Barry smiled down us all as we rode proudly in their memory as well as for own personal family and friends

You all should be extremely proud of your efforts - you are all VIP EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!



Tam Cronin said...

Lyn -- If you're still having trouble with your photos, let me know.

Lynda said...

Tam - It's ok, at least the photos are there. Prob is, when I do log in and modify the order, or delete a photo, I'll do it under my album, but it won't take effect for the shared page, like they are two different entities altogether. Like I said, at least the photos are there, I was just being picky about the order of them.

Lynda said...

I'm glad that the Wellesley crew rode together. Saturday was one heck of a soupy day! I wish that I'd stuck with Ethan instead of letting myself "cool down" at the lunch stop. I did re-group in a way, finding Lisa and Brian, but man oh man was I starting from square 1 again after being off the bike for about an hour!

Congrats to the Wellesley crew for staying together, and for all of us making it through that heat!

Thank you PTown crew for the cheers and the scanning prowess! ;)

- Lynda

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys, I had such a wonderful PMC weekend. You all are the BEST, I feel so lucky to be in such great company.

Sat was a hard day, MMA was a welcome site. Had a ball riding w/ Tam, Shelly, Mike K, Donna, Big Dave, Glenda. Looking forward to our post PMC ride


Bruce K said...

I am not sure who to thank for the pictures of Sue and all the Cyclopath signs on the way into P'town, but they were a HUGE inspiration and a big lift to what turned into kind of a bummer of a day.

It turns out our teammate on the Serotta Forumites got away with a mild concussion and was released Sunday afternoon, but still the whole crash and ambulance thing really took the heart out of the ride until I saw the pictures along the roadside.

Another great job by the Cyclopaths and friends.

See you Saturday.


capecodcowboy said...

Bruce, the same crazy crew as last year! Donna, Drew, Karen and the guy pounding stakes..... :)

Anonymous said...

Not to forget Brenda was part of the P-town FinishLineCrew!

Saturday's Bill Cantor Birthday Ride- the plan is to ride to Beverly Airport for breakfast. Bill may ride with us! And then add a loop after or head back.

Cyclopath Donna

capecodcowboy said...

Sorry my bad, Brenda was amazing with the pmc Crash test dummy and lost her voice cheering as well!

Anonymous said...

Can't make the bday ride because Fran and i will be in Alaska. Love you all, The Belarus Kid alias Rabbi Shelly

Tam Cronin said...

I can't make the birthday ride either -- I'll be checking out the Harpoon Point to Point Ride in VT this weekend. Have a great ride! -- See you in a few weeks -- Tam

Anonymous said...

Hey folks! Great day! Great pics. I had a nice but tough ride Saturday from Sturbridge to Bourne arriving just before 4pm. Sorry I missed the pic in Bourne but my brother in law Nate was gracious enough to get my truck in Sturbridge and pick me up in Bourne. He was early and I didn't want to keep him waiting. It was priceless to see Drew, Tammy and Sheldon near the finish. Can't wait to hear all the stories... Saturday?