Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Busy September Weekend

Several items of note for the weekend of September 22nd & 23rd. The GSW is running their annual Seacoast Century along the same route as the Tri-State Cohen Classic. Several Cyclopaths have already registered. (Lynda, CCMike and Ellen). Click on the link (left) to register and join them!

Also happening that Sunday, The City of Boston hosts its annual Hub on Wheels -- a citywide bike ride and festival benefiting the Boston Digital Bridge Foundation (bringing technology to Boston Public Schools). Donna and Mike K. have participated in the past. (Anyone else?).

And finally, don't forget to mark your calendar for Drew's Annual Myopia Polo Tailgating Party the afternoon of September 23rd. (1:30 Tailgate kick-off, Polo at 3.) This is always a fun event. Details to follow!


Tam Cronin said...

Hope everyone had a great post-PMC weekend -- I am assuming you all had breakfast at the airport (Bill's Birthday Bash Bike Ride), with some venturing further after breakfast??

The Harpoon Point to Point was a nice ride. Very low-key after the PMC. I got a glimpse of what the PMC must have been like "back in the day" -- I'm guessing there were fewer than 300 riders -- most starting in Burlington 110 miles away.

There were perhaps 75 riders doing the 25 mile out and back loop from the brewery, with one support truck and a small water stop stocked with plenty of gatorade, water, fruit and snacks.

The route was nice, though very challenging, climbing through the foothills of Mount Ascutney. I rode with my cousin Rich, who, honestly, put me to shame. Rich doesn't ride as often as I do -- has an older cross-terrain bike -- and told me he hadn't been to the gym in nearly 2 months. I was feeling pretty good (despite a persistent cough), coming off of the PMC and riding stronger than I have in years. But by the time we reached Back Mountain Road, (note the name), I dropped to 8-10 mph while Rich was still riding 18. He flew up the mountain hills. On one particular endless climb, I pulled to the side to take a break and catch my breath. I could see Richard circling at the summit, waiting for me. (LOL).

The climbs were challenging -- but the three mile, winding downhill near the end made you totally forget the struggle. It was really cool. Back at the brewery, we were rewarded with Harpoon Beer and food -- (again, not as elaborate as the PMC) -- and a "backpack medal" -- symbolic of the backpack being worn during the ride (and presumably passed along to other riders along the way), filled with enough food to feed a family of 4 for one day). A very low key ride, but all for a worthy cause -- The Vermont Foodbank. Perhaps a few Cyclopaths will join me for next year's ride?

Hope you all had a great weekend! --Tam

Anonymous said...

Bill's Birthday Bash Bike Ride was a lot of fun. **Pictures posted on Shutterfly with PMC pics. It was a very nice day. Bill met us at the start in Salem escorted by his domestiques- Barbara Cantor and Sue Burke. We all made our way to the Beverly Airport. Pilot-Jessy met us there, and so did Ed at a later time.
We sat down and our waiter quickly told us to sit down and quiet down. He requested that we NOT act like LOCUSTS. That is the second time the North Shore Cyclopaths have been referred to as a Band of Locusts. We kept the tables in place and explained that we were celebrating Bill's 84th b-day. All went well. Bill enjoyed his Marine Corps handkerchief-- Thanks CCMike! And a few Cyclopath pins. A single portion of jelly was also given from Paul and Ducky. : ) After breakfast and a group photo, some of us headed straight back and others continued on. Mojito Dave was spotted in his car in Salem upon our return.


capecodcowboy said...

Are you sure they did not say "band of Loud Outcasts" instead of "Band of Locusts"? Glad "Semper Fi Bill" enjoyed the jar head bandanna...

Sounds like a great ride for a great cause! Ellen and I would love to do the ride next year....Hopefully you will wait for me at the summit!

Hope to see everybody this Saturday before the Timberman Half Ironman.
ATB :)

Lynda said...


I'll do the Point To Point with you next year. It sounds like you had a great time!


You are doing a half Ironman? Bless your soul! May the wind be at your back, my friend!