Sunday, July 29, 2007

Two Reports from Saturday's Ride

Last ride before the PMC Weekend! We stayed along the coast, hoping for an occasional breeze to temper the hot sticky weather. Seventeen riders headed out of Salem, with Mojito Dave joining the gang in his Cyclopath jersey, Lynda wearing a chicken on her helmet, Ethan making it to the start on time, and Bruce and Ducky joining us after the bridge. Also riding on Saturday: Gail, Wally, Ed, Pedal Pete, Lisa, Drew, Donna, Sheldon, Margi, Polly, Robin, and Tam

The Beach Street Cafe hosted half our crew, (minus Polly who turned back), while others continued on for more miles up to Gloucester (where they ate outside at The Morning Glory). The groups fractured often to accomodate the weather, PMC training, and afternoon obligations. (Sound check with The Police, Drew!) With singing at Singing Beach, a group looping out to the lighthouse, some riding through the backroads of Magnolia, and a trip up Susan's Hill, (Ethan!), it was a great morning despite the muggies. We all made it home before the thunderstorms hit the region. Next week: PMC!

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Lady Q said...

Everyone have a fun time at the Pre-PMC bash, Have a safe ride on Saturday, and I will catch up with all of you at lunch!!

Hey, do any of you long-timers know a David Miller? He's been riding the pmc since '84. Got the pleasure of talking to him yesterday. Just curious - the world is such a small place you know.
- Lynda