Sunday, July 15, 2007

Mad Martha's Math

17 riders started in Salem --
Picking up 2 along the way (Ducky & Bruce)
Paul G joined us in Beverly (20)
Ethan and Adam flew from Swampscott to join en route (22)
Polly headed back at Larch Row (-1)
Wally left in Ipswich to meet another rider (-1)
Av, Tam, Ducky, Margi, Gail and Paul stopped at Stone Soup for breakfast (-6)
Bruce looped back after Newburyport (-1)
11(?) Made it to breakfast at Mad Martha's (Donna, CCMike, Ed, Mike M, Mike K, Drew, Lisa, Ethan, Adam, Steve-Bob, Glenda).
Tam continued on to Plum Island to meet the long riders (+1)
Passing Adam and Ethan who only stopped for coffee on Plum Island (-2).
2 went MIA? (Councilor Mike and ??)
3 flat tires coming home.
2 spills.
1 great day!


Tam Cronin said...

What happened to Councilor Mike?

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Does it all add up?! There were 3 Mikes that rode to Mad Martha's, not 4. Cape Cod Mike, Grandpa-Mike, and Mike Meehan.
It was quite the eventful day! Saturday the 14th. Thankfully, all made it home safely and in my case in time to get to the Red Sox Game for PMC night. The Red Sox won 9-4. One of the highlights was Denise, a cancer survivor singing the National Anthem. After she sang, she went to her seat in our section and everyone gave her a standing ovation. I saw Ben Yellin, Jeff Brand, and Little David. It was a fun night at the ball park.

Michael K said...

Grandpa Michael says:
Trying to keep track of the cyclopaths as we traverse the byways of the North Shore is a challenge - the plus and minuses reminds me of Queen Kathy singing her famous Pumpkin song "5 little pumpkins sitting on the fence, one fell off then there were 4" or something like that - you had to be there - still a great ride
have a great day


Tam Cronin said...

Ha.. The math doesn't add up. ;-) I remember we counted 17 starting out -- and I swear I saw Councilor Mike at the start, but then didn't see him after stopping in Ipswich. I'm guessing Av and I got the headcount wrong!

Tam Cronin said...

PS -- Ed took great pics with his camera phone!! Will try an post them soon!

Cyclopath-Donna said...

I did see Councilor Mike in Ipswich when we stopped at the Whittier. Never saw him after that though....

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Tammy (1), Donna (1), and Mike (x2)for getting me through this ride - I kept begging them to leave me beside the road but they prodded me on. Tammy continued to tell me I could do it (but I didn't belive her) - but slowly and surely I made. Thanks and many hugs to all!


capecodcowboy said...

This "NEW" cyclopath math has me all confused!
I just know I had a Great ride with awesome people!