Tuesday, July 17, 2007

So, What's the scoop on Climb to the Clouds???

Anyone care to elaborate on the uphill bike ride?
I hope the weather cooperated and you had a good ride.
It was VERY windy on Sunday.


Lynda said...

I think that I was the only Cyclopath that did the CTTC. Lisa emailed me to say that Brian was sick, so they didn't go. Did Bruce ride?

My experiences: the course was just as I remembered it from last year: brutal. Pretty, but extremely hilly. We started out promptly at 8am from Concord and by mile 20, we hit our first "20% grade (!!) The grade isn't marked, I mapped it and topograhical info listed the rise at 20%. From that point, all the way to the mountain was hill after hill. Add very warm, muggy and windy and wow...

...but like I said, it was pretty. It was a good ride, and I met a few folks along the way that I recognized from other crw rides, that was kind of amazing to pick them out, considering there were on order of about 1,000 riders there that day.

I found that I do indeed miss having triple rings! I didn't attempt the summit road because I had a doosey of a time just getting to the visitor's ctr, which is a steady, steep, 1-mile 8% grade. That was enough for me!

Everything is now flat after that ride!

Lynda said...

If anyone would like to check out the mapped out route, check this out:

Route from Concord to Westminster:

Route from Westminster to Concord (is a different way back):

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Congrats Lynda! Nice job representing the Cyclopaths. That is one ride I do not plan on doing any time soon. I'll stick with 1A!

Bruce K said...

I never made it out there.

I got "shangheid" (sp?) by a couple of freinds who wanted company on a structured training ride. So we ended up doing about 50 miles with a couple of SERIOUS efforts at the end.

Looking forward to the Tri-State. Keep making offerings to the weather god(s)!


capecodcowboy said...