Sunday, July 29, 2007

It was a challenging ride yesterday. It was cloudy and overcast and humid. Not my favorite weather. I stopped at the Manchester Beach Street Cafe for breakfast with Gail, Wally, Tammy, Robin, Margie, Ducky and Sheldon. Polly turned back before breakfast. Lisa, Ed, Bruce, Drew, Pedal Pete, Lynda, Mojito Dave and Ethan continued on to Gloucester - Morning Glory.

After breakfast, Tammy, Gail, Sheldon, Ducky and I rode to Singing Beach and sang- "You are my Sunshine" in the midst of a very overcast, foreboding, grey sky, with extreme humidity. Tammy and I continued North thru Magnolia to add a few miles and hills. The rest of the group headed back. As we returned to Route 127 there was Ethan and the "Gloucester Gang". Perfect timing. I rode sweep. There was a festival in Manchester-by-the-Sea. Drew did some shopping. I still made my way to the Fountain of Youth. Ethan climbed Susan's Hill. On the return route I had "Bubble Trouble". My rear tire developed a bubble. I got off and walked until I heard a "POP". After examining the tire it looked fine and held air. So I continued on. I was thankful. At the end of the ride I went to Salem Cycle. The guy thought I was nuts when I said I had a bubble in my tire. Finally, after further investigation, I found a slice in the tire, the tube had popped thru the tire while I was riding. It must have popped back in somehow. I was very glad I was never stranded and happy to have it repaired (new tire) for the PMC.

The skies cleared on our way home (Good thing we sang - You are my Sunshine) and it turned into a beautiful day.

Wishing everyone a Safe, Happy, & Healthy PMC 2007. --Donna

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