Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Daisy and Team Serotta Forumites

I met with Daisy Locke and her family tonight to make her an honorary member of The Serotta Forumites, presenting her with her very own jersey. Daisy is a cancer survivor diagnosed at age 1 and cancer free since age 3. She is now 13. She loves her bike and loves the PMC and its riders. She has been out on the route in past years and I will try to find out from Peter and Barbara if she will be out there again this year. If she is, I will let you all know where so you can stop and say "Hi".


Tam Cronin said...

Bruce -- Hope you and your team have a great PMC -- and best wishes to Daisy.


capecodcowboy said...

That is awesome Bruce! Have a great ride and I will be looking for you at the finish! Go Team Cyclopaths!