Sunday, July 22, 2007

The 15th Annual TriState Cohen Classic

July 21, 2007. Thankfully, a fairly uneventful ride this year. The weather was ideal- partly sunny, in the 70s, and only a light breeze. 14 riders, including Bruce, Ethan, Ed, Me (Donna), CC Mike, Tammy, Grandpa-Michael, Lisa, Drew, Lynda, Steve-Bob, Pedal-Pete, Sheldon and Glenda set off from Newburyport, Port Plaza and headed north. Most adorned in their Cyclopath kits. (Ethan arrived a bit later than the 6:05 start-the 5 minute rule was in effect). The skies were clear and the sun shone brightly. Temps remained in the high 70s. Very comfortable. It was very unusual not to have a strong headwind or 100+ degrees on this route. There was a cross wind but not bad at all. We all stayed together too! It was a great day and a wonderful ride!

For Donna's completely thorough wrap-up (and all of the pics!), Click here to visit our Annual Cohen Classic page!! Great day!


capecodcowboy said...

I had a fantastic time! The Gods of weather were diffently smiling on us! With NO flats or fatalities, who could ask for more? Thanks to everybody for making the drive to the ride truly worth it! (Oy vey, up @ 0200!) You Guys and Gals are the BEST! To all the PMC riders, the very best of luck and wishing you all a safe journey on your upcoming event. You all continue to amaze and inspire me and for that I offer my sincere thanks and gratitude! :)

Tam Cronin said...

Donna -- I moved your FULL blog entry (aka NOVEL) :-) to the Cohen Classic page to go along with all of the pics from yesterday's ride. What an awesome day!! Sorry I couldn't join you at Not Your Average Joe's. Would have liked to have chilled out with you all (and had a margarita!) after that great ride. BEST COHEN CLASSIC for me. Such fun!! --Tam

Cyclopath-Donna said...

You continue to do an AWESOME job on the blog. It is very much appreciated. Great and speedy pedaling yesterday too!
It was a wonderful day. Three cheers for Sheldon, one of the Cylopath founders, pedaling TriState after a returning from Belarus! YOU ROCK Shelly! : )