Sunday, July 15, 2007

The 15th Annual TriState Cohen Classic

This Saturday, July 21st, will be the 15th Annual TriState Cohen Classic. The plan is to meet in Newburyport at the Port Plaza at 5:30 am and get riding by 6:00 am.

Directions to Port Plaza:
Take Rte 95 North to Exit 57, Rte 113 East (right at stop sign)
Go straight at first set of lights
Take a Right at the second set of lights
Port Plaza is on your right (Shaws & K-mart). Park in front of the grocery store.
Bike Route: 1A North/1B to Rt. 103. ***USE CAUTION ON BRIDGES!

LATE START OPTION: Begin from Wallis Sands State Park.
Shower facilities and food are available. Swimming optional. Parking will cost $$$. (Note: The 6 am group should arrive at Wallis Sands between ~7:15 and 7:30am. We can all ride together to "The Meany Toast" for breakfast.)

Breakfast at "The Meany Toast", aka Friendly Toast, just before the Portsmouth Bridge (121 Congress St, Portsmouth, NH, 603.430.2154)

Continue riding up the coast.... Return and have a late lunch downtown Newburyport at Not Your Average Joe's.

Traditional Routes (***mileage is approximate):
Wallis Sands to breakfast at the Meany Toast and back ~26 miles.
from Newburyport to Wallis Sands State Park and back ~30 miles.
Newburyport to breakfast at the Meany Toast and back ~ 56 miles.
Newburyport to York, Captain Simeone Store and back ~70 miles.
Newburyport to York Beach Lighthouse and back ~ 90 miles.

** Bring lots of water/Gatorade.... a spare tube. Cell phone. And good weather.

Please click here to send me your cell phone number and I will make a list. Thanks! --Donna

***Participation in this event waives all rights in a court of law.***


Cyclopath-Donna said...

Melissa Paly writes:

I regret we'll be away this coming Sat, otherwise I'd have hooked up w/whatever crew manages to make it up to Frisbee's/Capt Simeons, please send our regards to all who's memory might actually remember us!!

Melissa and crew

Lynda said...

Is there a rain date, just in case?

Cyclopath-Donna said...

I am hoping the weather holds...... If not, it looks like Sunday will be the rain date. We'll have to make the call Saturday morning. Tricky weather as every day they say chance of showers and it does not always rain.

Tam Cronin said...

Planning to ride the 70 on Saturday -- rain date Sunday. We are attending a BBQ late Saturday afternoon/early evening, so I will probably skip the late lunch at Joe's. (Unless the ride is postponed to Sunday, of course.) Looking forward to the ride this year!!!

Bruce K said...

The weather forecast on Intellicast says that Saturday will be the best of the next 5 with no rain forecasted. It looks like it might be a cooler day, low 70's which might be even cooler on the coast.

The weather dances must be working. Kepp it up.

Bruce K