Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Second Annual Sue's Seaglass Ride

The Second Annual Sue's Seaglass Ride is fast approaching! Please remember to mark your calendar for Saturday, July 7th!

Ethan would like to get an idea how many Cyclopaths (and friends) he can expect to see riding that day. The ride is a great tribute to our lovely friend, Sue deVries. Please let Ethan or Cyclopath-Donna know you are riding so he can get a rough head count before the event! Thanks!


Ethan Forman said...

Tammy thank you for the T-shirt design. It is great. Please register for the ride, it's cheaper to do so in advance ... Look forward to seeing you next week in a ride for our friend ... Peace

Tam said...

E -- Got it to the post office this morning. :-) Big hugs to you for organizing the ride.


Bruce K said...


Thanks for doing this again this year.

I am planning on riding down from Gloucester. I'll bring the $$ and a form.