Sunday, June 17, 2007

Saturday, June 16, 2007

It was a glorious day - a bit chilly and cloudy starting out. Drew was back, Mike Meehan, a surprise return from Robin, Gail, Av, Lynda, Cape Cod Mike made the commute to ride, Steve-Bob, Ducky, and Glenda met us en route. Sheldon and Paul rode in the later start. The route was decided - Mad Martha's with an Ipswich option. The group actually rode together (see pic). At Ipswich, most ate breakfast at Stone Soup. Lynda, Steve-Bob, CCMike and Donna continued North. We ended up at The Fish Tale Diner in Salisbury (just over the bridge) and ate outside on the deck under an umbrella covered table. Glenda met us after mastering the Newburyport bridge. It turned out to be a very enjoyable 54 mile ride. No greenhorns and the weather stayed cool. A wild turkey was spotted on the return route. And CCMike performed a mitzvah changing a flat tire for a rider walking her bike along Mill Road. -- Donna


Tam Cronin said...

Happy I didn't miss out on the Plum Island ride! What a great day you had for riding! (Curious as why you ate at Fish Tale and not Mad Martha's??)

Thankfully, the dinosaur did not come alive while Will and I were sleeping at the Museum of Science. He had a great time and I'm glad we did it. :-) --Tam

Tam Cronin said...

PS. Lynda, How was P2P on Wednesday?? Did you ride?

Lynda said...


Sounds like you had a great time at the Museum!!

Yes, I did the P2P. It was overcast but did not rain on us (thank goodness!). It was, however, VERY windy - a head wind was present the whole ride, making for an extra challenge. By mile 70 - Wellfleet hills - the gas tank was on fumes... but we made it all the way!! Got in at 1:30pm.

I didn't check in right away - opting to visit a friend of mine that is a restauranteur in town. I was all set to order some nice linguine and have a mojito (!!) when I mentioned to her that our ferry comes in at 3:30pm. She then tells me that the ferries have been cancelled due to rough seas/wind - huh?? Wave of panic sets in. I had to take a rain-check on the hospitality and went to check with the group.

Since our ferry was chartered, ours was still coming - whew!!

I did see Meg Michaels and she's doing well. There was another Cyclopath that doesn't ride weekends with us currently, but does the PMC, can't recall his name (sorry!) It was a good ride, even with the less-than-perfect weather.

Bruce K said...

Steve-bob and Lynda sure looked like they were having fun when we met at the convenience store in Rowley. They were heading back to Salem and we were on our way back to Hamilton.

The weather looks great for this weekend's Great Mass Getaway and it looks like the Cyclopaths will be well represented.

Bruce K

capecodcowboy said...

WE missed you! :( Glad you had a great time at BMS! We had a great ride and wonderful weather. Hope to cya soon!