Saturday, June 09, 2007

Rain? What Rain?

The threat of rain and heavy fog didn't stop eight Cyclopaths from riding on Saturday -- especially Great Mass Getaway riders Mike K., Arlene, and Anne, hoping to get in some miles before their big ride in two weeks. (Good luck to them!) World traveller Mojito Dave joined us today for the first time this year, leading the pack with Steve-Bob up to Ipswich. Ducky met the pack at the bridge and rode with the speedsters today -- while Glenda and Tam rode sweep. :-) We had a great breakfast at Stone Soup -- a Cyclopath fave. With warm coffee and food to keep us going, we took the back roads from Ipswich through Wenham and Beverly back to Salem. Fortunately, the rain held off to a light drizzle. Hoping for sunshine next weekend!

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Pete said...

Sorry I missed you. When I looked out the window at 6am the fog was thick. I didn't get going until after 7am and made a round trip to Manchester solo. I am away next weekend but hope to rejoin the group in 2 weeks.

new rider Pete