Thursday, June 14, 2007

New Riders, New Faces

Nice to welcome new riders to the pack: Including Anne, gearing up for the GMG in 2 weeks; Glenda and Pete, training for the PMC; and Sarah, who journeyed to Gloucester with us one Saturday.

There are still a few Cyclopaths MIA this year. The weather should improve for this Saturday's ride -- Hope to see more riders returning soon!


Glenda said...

Slow rider Glenda says...

I'll go anywhere for breakfast!

This message may be a duplicate - I'm not only slow on the bike, I'm slow in figuring out blogging -- hope to get faster with both!

I understand that Mad Martha's is the destination for this weekend. I have mapped this out and will start from a different place and earlier - hopefully, I will catch up with you at some point.

I'm not concerned with riding alone because I carry pepper spray -- not that I am concerned with being attacked, but I don't want them to take my little red bike.

In the event the plan changes, could someone give me a ring or text message on 508-789-7975? I will also check the blog this evening. Otherwise, Martha and I may be having breakfast together.

Hope to see you at breakfast!

Tam Cronin said...

I heard the Mad Martha's rumor too... ;-)

Will and I are planning to spend a "Night at the Museum" tonight -- sleeping on the floor at the Museum of Science. Lights out at midnight. He also happens to have a BIG baseball game tomorrow afternoon -- playing against a strong team at 2. My feeling is that he should skip the Museum of Science Camp-in and get a good night's sleep for the game -- (allowing me to ride to MM tomorrow with all of you) -- but I'm leaving the decision to him.

If I don't see you tomorrow, HAVE A GOOD RIDE!!

Bruce said...

I'll look for you guys on the road as tomorrow is ECV's 3rd "Shop Ride" leaving Bay Road Bikes in Hamilton at 9:00 for a 50 miler. Leaving from my house and going back should get me rasy for the Great Mass Getaway next week.

Have a safe ride.