Sunday, June 17, 2007

In Search of...

The Beverly Food Pantry is in need of a few (new or used) items:

    Children's bikes and/or helmets/locks.
    Middle and High School books for summer reading
    Working Computers and/or printers for children to do their homework. (Must have a usb port.)

If you can donate any of these items, (in good working condition), they will be greatly appreciated. Click comments for complete info.


Complete Post by Donna said...

I am passing this message along from my former dental hygienist Denyse:

I am looking for some things for the food pantry in Beverly, please. I'm not asking for new, just if you are updating and happen to have some of these things around the house.

Children's bikes and/or helmets/locks.
Middle and High School books for summer reading
Working Computers and/or printers for the children who can't afford them to do their homework. Must have a usb port.

If you have any of these items hanging around and they are in good working condition, they will be greatly appreciated. I can also give you a receipt for your donation for your taxes.
Thank you!

Tam Cronin said...

Donna, last summer, when the kids did the PMC Kids Ride in Marblehead, there was a police officer fitting the kids with brand new helmets (free). Maybe Denyse can contact the Marblehead or Beverly police department and see if she can get some new ones for the kids?? I'll look around and see if we have any extras. I know I've bought a few -- the boys tend to lose them.

Tam Cronin said...

Hey folks, I'm moderating this blog. Any unkind anonymous posts will be deleted. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Unkind? I was simply stating an opinion. I come to the website to avoid the junk email and don't like seeing it on the website. That's all. If you think my comment was unkind, that's your opinion. Moderate all you want.

Tam Cronin said...

Annoying!! I am not moderating your opinion but will delete any ANONYMOUS posts that are rude. Keyword: Anonymous. If you have an opinion, OWN IT. Enough said.

Cyclopath-Donna said...

Wow. I never imagined my post as "junk". One of the purposes of the program my friend Denyse is involved with is providing bicycles and helmets to underprivileged kids. As bicyclists, we can all appreciate the health and emotional benefits biking provides. And I am sure we all have fond memories of riding a bike as a kid.

capecodcowboy said...

Donna and Tam,
That is Definitely NOT junk mail! It seems to be an unwritten rule of the Cyclopaths (please correct me if I am wrong!) to help our community where ever and when ever possible. The amount of Cyclopaths who participate in charities (multiple!) is truly staggering. I consider my self very lucky to associate my self with people of such selfless devotion to others and a true sense of “community service.” Clearly the “Anonymous” poster does not “Get it” and possibly never will. Such a shame but such is life. Thanks for all the good you guys do!