Saturday, June 02, 2007

Breakfast at Henderson's

No rain today! Despite the forecast, 14 riders gathered for the (early!) 6:30 a.m. start, and a humd trek to Hamilton. We enjoyed a light breakfast at Henderson's where the service was slow but friendly, (though no one seemed to mind the wait.) After breakfast, we all continued on to Topsfield and Bradley Palmer State Park for a beautiful ride along the back country roads, dotted with horse stables and pastures. Always nice. The most significant aspect about today's ride was that we all ate breakfast together, rode together and finished together as ONE group. Loved it!

Photo in Hamilton: From left; Bruce, new Grandad Mike, Ducky, Ethan and donut, Donna, Gail, new rider Pete, Lynda, Sheldon, Manny, Glenda, and Arlene. Oh no! I didn't get new rider Anne in the pic! (Sorry Anne!!) -- Tammy


Lynda said...

It definitely was a great ride! Kudos to the girls at Henderson's for taking care of us, I definitely tipped well for their efforts.

Hey, for next weekends ride: I'd like to plant the Plum Island idea in your heads. Are you all up for the challenge? :) (seriously)

Anonymous said...

No. Not next week! How about the week after? Ellen & I will be doing the Hyannis Sprint Triathlon June 9th and CC-Mike will be volunteering, so please wait til the following week.
PS- Sunday June 10th is the Tour de Cure, a Gloucester ride for Diabetes.

Tam who suggests Ipswich instead? said...

The ride to Plum Island keeps getting earlier and earlier! 60 miles the second week in June? Some of us aren't up to that kind of mileage yet. I need to be able to come home from my ride and still be able to function as "Mom" all day long.

I love the ride to Plum Island -- but you may be eliminating half of the Cyclopaths from the ride as most haven't done a 40 mile Gloucester ride yet. I might wait and see who is riding that day before committing. I hate it when the pack splits up -- though I know it's inevitable. I'd like to see a Plum Island ride later in the month. (But that's just me.)

Lynda said...

Ipwich is fine, too. I can always make up the mileage on Sunday with the group from Arlington. The Plymouth to PTown Ride is that Wednesday following the weekend and that is 85mi.

Tam, who really just likes to eat breakfast said...

Plymouth to P-town sounds like a good ride!

Lynda Bo Binda said...

Yeah, that is also run by the Charles River Wheelmen (of Climb To The Clouds fame. It follows some of the pmc route, so it is a useful training tool! And it is soooo pretty!

capecodcowboy said...

Sorry we missed the ride! Ellen had a great Half Iron Man (Moose Man Triathlon)in N.H. and I earned my antlers as a volunteer. Hope to see everybody real soon!