Saturday, June 23, 2007

Backroads Adventure

A simple ride to Boxford turned into a crazy Cyclopath adventure as Donna led us down the back roads of Topsfield towards New Hampshire. Following her lead, Drew, Mike Meehan, Av, Margi, Pete, Tammy, Robin and Glenda got very, very lost. Margi, sensing that we were headed in the wrong direction, turned back. Soon after, Av did the same -- and both made it to Boxford and Wayne's where Ethan, Steve-Bob, Lisa, Ed, Paul, and Sheldon were enjoying breakfast. After getting wrong directions from several people, Ethan (our hero), set out to find the wayward riders and rescued them from another bad route-making decision. ;-) Thank you Ethan!

After breakfast, the group split up with several riders continuing north for more miles. The rest of the group headed back, taking the scenic route once again, (and very nearly getting lost, again). At one junction, Pete's pedal crank snapped off entirely (with his foot still attached)! Glenda, Sheldon and Tam pulled over to help locate the bolt, and several minutes later got back on the road. (Though not quite within the five minute rule -- we never caught up with the homeward bound riders.)

It was a beautiful day for an adventurous, crazy, fun ride with many, many laughs!

Nice to see Lisa and Ed back with us today! We missed you!!


Cyclopath-Donna said...

My apologies to the group. We got VERY lost in Boxford. And yes, I was leading the way. We took a new route that someone led us down last year. Unfortunately, we missed one turn and then followed the "5 more mile rule". Which after you need to turn around, becomes the 10 more mile rule. LOL! It was a BEAUTIFUL route. Unfortunately, half the group was already at breakfast..... And we did ask for directions. Unfortuntely, everyone sent us in the wrong direction. And now we know that there is an East Boxford Center and a West Boxford Center.
On the return route we were led by Leo-- some random rider out biking by himself. And we made it back.
Tammy, Sheldon, and Peter- I thought you gave up on our directions. Sorry we did not wait longer. Ed even caught up to us and had not seen you?!
It was a VERY adventurous ride!

Cyclopath-Donna said...


A BIG THANK YOU to Ethan for hopping back on his bike and rescuing us! If not, we might still be out there......

Lynda said...

Wow! What an adventure! I'm sorry that I missed it! It was a nice day for a ride, and I'm sure it was sooo beautiful. No more skipping weekends for me! :)

Tam Cronin said...

Donna -- we got your chalk message at the car! :-) We arrived at the statue at 11:15, so I guess we weren't too far behind you. After Pete found the bolt for his pedal crank, it took a little while to get it back on. When we reached the church/intersection in Topsfield, rather than stay on 97 to cross Rt 1, we took the flatter route (right on Main St and then left turn at the bike shop), and then got back on 97 for the regular route home. Perhaps that's where we missed Ed?!

I'm still chuckling over our misadventure. When we passed that pond I couldn't stop laughing. What a fun day!

PS - Three cheers for Ethan!!!

Pete said...

Imagine my surprise with my new bike's left pedal crank swinging freely from the bike while still attached to my shoe after just 5 times out. Curious to know if this has happened to anyone before? According to Marblehead Cycle it is quite common :(

Thanks again to Glenda, Sheldon and Tammy for hanging with me and helping get me back on the road.

Quite an adventure out there in Boxford. I look forward to many more... Pete

Pete said...

...before I forget I understand there is a mailing list. Please add me.