Saturday, May 05, 2007

Greetings from Singing Beach

What a glorious day for a ride!! The Cyclopaths were out in full force on Saturday as 19 riders ventured north to Manchester.

Many Cyclopaths were back for the first time this season, including Donna (who sports a new bike next ride), Gail and Bob H.; Ellen and Cape Cod Mike drove up from the Cape; Paul G. managed to get out of bed in time to ride; Ethan is back after his recent surgery and looking great; Lynda high tailed it from Salem to meet us en route in Beverly Farms; Ducky joined the crowd after the Beverly-Salem Bridge.

The intrepid April riders Av, Sheldon (Happy Birthday, Sheldon!), Sam, Manny, Steve-Bob, Mike K., Paul and Joan (soon headed for Alaska!), Arlene, and Tammy completed the pack. What a great turnout!

Bill, Barb and Laurie met the gang for a good breakfast at the Beach Street Cafe (where we are always treated so well!). (Manny and Sam, we missed you at breakfast!) After a warm breakfast, and a song (or two) at the beach, we headed home. Great ride, good food, fabulous friends.

Photos: Top - Group shot at Singing Beach; Bottom - Linda, Mike, Ellen, Donna, and bikes.


Lynda said...

So sorry I was late! It won't happen again. Nice to see Ethan back, same with Mike and Ellen,and Arlene, and... oh heck, I love seeing everyone! You guys/gals really make my Saturday!

Susan's Hill ROCKS. Thanks for the introduction to that one!

capecodcowboy said...

It was so Great to see everyone! I missed you ALL! I did venture up Susan's hill for the first time and I did manage to get up and over but it was NOT pretty.(unlike Lynda who made it look so easy!) Hopefully by the END of the season I will make it in much better form. Thank you ALL for giving me something to look forward too all week.....Riding with the Cyclopaths!
Next week Ellen, Donna and I will be running The Big Lake Half Marathon In N.H. to celebrate Donna's Birthday....( Mazal Tov on the New bike Donna and Happy Birthday!:)
Wish US Lots of luck. ( I will need it!) Cya in two weeks and be Safe!

Lynda said...

Good luck to Mike, Ellen and Donna in the 1/2 marathon (good gravy!) (and Happy B-day Donna and cograts on your bike).

Mike: Ethan made Susan's Hill look easy - I ran out of gas halfway up, and E-man passed me like I wasn't even moving! He's the King of the Mountain!

I love your bike, Mike, congrats on that. So much more efficient than the hybrid, eh? ;)