Sunday, May 13, 2007

Boxford General Store

Another great ride on Saturday -- this time to Boxford where we had an easy breakfast at Wayne's. A great turnout of riders with several Cyclopaths back for their first ride of the season, including; Councilor Mike, (who brought along a fun blast from the past); Drew, finally hanging up her skis for the season; Margi, who brought her friend, Polly; and new rider Glenda, who caught up with us near Topsfield. Headwinds were strong but the weather was sunny and warm. The backroads through Wenham are always beautiful. Also riding today were Lynda, Mike K., Carl, Paul G., Alaska-bound Joan and Paul, Manny, Sheldon, Steve-Bob, Tammy, and Arlene. Av was en route with us to Boxford when he was called home to deal with a squirrel in his basement!(?) (Cyclopaths sans bike this week were Gail, who joined us for breakfast, and Bruce who met us at the bus stop before his teaching exam.)

In Cyclopath news: Lynda is seeking interest in obtaining team cycling shorts; and Drew will handle the administration as the Cyclopaths become an official PMC team for 2007. More info to come!


Anonymous said...

Sorry to have missed the ride but I made up for it today (OUCH!!!).

It was nice to see everyone again and I will try to get out with you all soon.

Go Captain Drew! I think it is great that you guys are going to make it "official" for this years PMC.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to everyone for your patience and encouragement on Saturday.

As a new cyclist this year (like it wasn't noticeable??) I am very grateful to Lynda and Sheldon for their tips. I'll practice them all week and look forward to seeing you again with a few more skills!!!


Quadzilla said...


I am so glad that you rode with us! And you are very welcome to more rides and more tips - practice makes perfect! Like I said, practice getting used to your shifting somewhere safe, knowing your controls and when to use them is key.

Belmont Wheel Works will take care of you, they are great folks that like to educate, unlike the shop that sold you the bike.

I look forward to seeing you next weekend.