Saturday, April 14, 2007

Spring has Arrived!

A dedicated gang of five (Sheldon, Manny, Steve-Bob, Lynda and Tam) gathered this Saturday for the Cyclopath's Spring Initiation Ride. It was the first time back on the bike for most of us as we cycled to... you guessed it... The Beverly Airport!

We had a chilly start (low 40's) but the sun made it feel a little warmer. Hope to see more Cyclopaths returning soon!


Anonymous said...

Sorry we missed the ride! BBRRRRR....Spring it appears has not sprung quite yet! Cya soon!
Cape Cod Mike

Anonymous said...

Aside of the mushy oats, it was a nice outing! Very nice to see Tam, Steve-Bob, Manny and Sheldon. I'm looking forward to seeing more of you next week, if the weather cooperates!

- Lynda

Anonymous said...

BRRRR to the "Spring Initiation Ride". Glad some Cyclopaths were able to ride and more importantly- enjoy breakfast together.
I hope to be riding on the 28th.