Monday, April 16, 2007

Special Delivery!

News from the Cape: "Well much to my surprise a 2007 Specialized Roubaix was waiting for me when I awoke on Saturday morning! (My third anniversary of my fortieth year). I feel blessed to have the love of a wonderful wife who enables my passion for Carbon Fiber! (Thanks Ellen!) Can not wait to ride with the Cyclopaths! It is going to be an Awesome year!" -- Cape Cod Mike

(Click photo for larger view of CCM in those cow p.j.s! Gotta love it!)


Anonymous said...

Yay, Mike! Welcome to Club Carbon.

Does your new baby have a name yet? I'm so excited for you! Make sure you tuck your baby in at night, don't want him/her to catch a cold! hehe!!

Again, congrats, and hope to see you and Ellen real soon.

- Lynda

ellen said...

He has no shame! LOL :)

Donna, you MUST explain the "bike in the bed" joke, we're just not as weird as we appear!


Anonymous said...

Ellen and Bike are just fine. We have chosen not to name the bike just yet until we find out its true character and mannerisms and then hopefully a fitting name will be come apparent. Thank you for all the well wishes and we are so glad we could share this blessed event with our extended Cycling family…..
ATB ccm :)

Anonymous said...

What a Beautiful "Baby"! I look forward to meeting the new edition in person!
-- Ellen- no need to explain. LOL!

Tam said...

I'm digging the p.j.'s


PS - To all "anonymous" posters: If you choose "other" as your identity, you can type in an actual name in the name field box if you wish.