Saturday, April 28, 2007

Riding Rain or Shine

Cool damp weather and the threat of rain didn't keep seven intrepid Cyclopaths from venturing out this morning! There was a nip in the air, (but the streets were dry), as Steve-Bob led us to a warm breakfast at the Depot Diner. Great place! Sheldon, Manny, and Tammy headed back to Salem after breakfast, while Carl, Mike K., Arlene, and Steve-Bob did a loop down to Wenham. Hoping for warmer weather and more Cyclopaths returning next weekend!


Lynda said...

That is great that the ride still happened. I woke at 5am, looked out the window and saw that, while it wasn't actively raining, that the road was still damp, thought about going, but didn't want to chance being the only one! So I became a lazy bum and went back to sleep..

Next weekend I will not be as lazy and will be there, as long as it is not pouring.

Glad that you had a ride after all. Some miles are better than no miles. :)

Tam said...

Nice to get out for a ride -- Thanks, Manny, for lending me your windbreaker for the ride back! It was chilly after breakfast! Loved the Depot Diner -- a bright, warm and cheerful alternative to the airport! Fun to see Arlene back too!