Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Message and Thank You from Billy Starr

Many of you will have read todays’ front page story in the Boston Globe regarding Dana-Farber’s newly announced $1 billion campaign. The campaign – whose tenure extends from 2003-2010 – has just finished its 3 year ‘quiet’ phase. ALL annual money – including Jimmy Fund & PMC donations – is considered part of the $1 billion goal. The annual campaign alone will raise approximately $750 million over that 7-year period but the new building and focused mission provides the urgency for raising the additional $250 million (please read article).

The PMC will likely be the ‘lead gift’ of this impressive undertaking. It is fair to say that between 2003-2010 the PMC will contribute over $170 million or 17 percent of the campaign goal.

Thanks to all of you, we carry a big responsibility in the success of this campaign. I have never met a group more up to the task!

Thank you for your commitment to the PMC and Dana-Farber.

Billy Starr
Founder/Executive Director


Tammy said...

Nice article. Thanks Donna!

I registered for the one day event before it sold out. (The "routes are filling fast!" email finally pushed me off the fence to register.) The house is a mess, (we are four weeks into the renovation), construction crews descend on the house at 6:45 every morning, the kids have a stomach bug, and I haven't been on the computer in a while. THANKS, DONNA, for keeping up the blog. ;-)

Cheers to all!!

Anonymous said...

hope all are well - did anyone notice that the 3 day avon breast walk for cancer research is the same weekend as the PMC - i thought that was interesting - any thought?