Monday, November 13, 2006

Veteran's Day Ride, November 11

It was an unseasonably warm day for mid-November on Saturday. Eleven Cyclopaths rode to Manchester-by-the-Sea. A few bikes adorned with American flags. (And many Cyclopaths proudly wearing their new jerseys). A group pic was taken along the beautiful "Garelick" pastures of Beverly Farms. Camera shy were Ducky and Susan Redfield.

We rode to breakfast at The Beach Street Cafe, then down the road to Singing Beach where we sang The Star Spangled Banner and the Marine Corps Anthem--The Army, Air Force, and Marines were represented by Cyclopaths. We recruited a woman to act as photographer. I guess "You get what you pay for". (See "The Group Shot", right, taken at Singing Beach on a spectacular Saturday.)

A proud salute to all the Veterans! And a heartfelt Thank You!

And possibly a farewell wave til next Spring for riding. Let's hope not! --Donna

Cape Cod Mike and I added on a loop around Winter Island after our nondenominational prayer/ political rally at the Roger Conant statue. We were at Salem Willows when all of a sudden, out of the blue, a voice bellows out,"Donna! Donna! Sure enough, the Honorable Sam Zoll appeared on his bike wearing his PMC heavy hitter jacket. It was a great surprise. I have not seen Sam since the PMC. We can now put to rest the various rumors. : ) Sam is doing well and enjoying lots of time with his family.

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Michael k said...

great summary - don't knock that picture or lack thereof - that could be considered "art" - look at the subliminal message in the shadows!!!
Sam "honorable???" PLEASE........Salem, winter island, after halloween, hearing voices from above - sounds like a ghost to me!!!
have a great day