Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Saturday's Trek to Hamilton

Saturday was a cold start – temp was about 45. Starting at the bus top were Av, Sheldon, Arlene, Mike Meehan, Wally, Carl King, Bob H, Sue R, Gail, and Mike K., with Ducky meeting us at the Bridge. Wally dressed like he was off to Florida while Sheldon dressed like he was going to Alaska!

The ride headed out for about a 20 mile trek to Hamilton. Rabbi Brown followed the Bible as he led his flock out of Salem (really, he was the first one to the base of the bridge) and then he was the good shepherd who made sure none of his sheep got lost (get it; he was now in the back riding sweep!!) Sorry if I have offended any – I thought it was symbolic! We ate at the café in Hamilton (where the mayor holds court in his leather chair in the front) and the reception is “above average”. Of course Wally, Mike Meehan and Sue rode ahead of the group and missed the stop, but they eventually found their way -- and also Sheldon was on the verge of getting lost but a certain someone did not let him go astray!! The highlight of the ride was Sheldon’s Sherpa mask – it was quite cold and he was all bundled up and all you could see was his nose!! A comment was made that he should not wear that outfit in a bank -- to which Sheldon replied that he had and received some really weird looks from the tellers! (All he wanted was change for the meter -- REALLY!!) But it was when a Hamilton police officer entered the restaurant, (actually meeting his wife and daughter for breakfast), that had some thinking they were looking for a terrorist and had a SWAT team blocking our exit!!

Sheldon et al returned safely to Salem and experienced the early OCTOBER HALLOWEEN craze as drivers attempted to run us off the road!! So be careful riding through SALEM and have a GREAT week. --Mike K.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap Michael!
The Danvers Field Hockey car wash was a success. It did turn into a beautiful day. Once again, I will miss this Saturday's ride. I'll be in Pennsylvania for Bernie's annual Lamb Jam. Yes, like a pig roast, but a Lamb Jam. : )
Have a Safe Ride. HappY Columbus Day!

Sprocket Girl said...

How did Brenda's yard sale fare?