Sunday, October 15, 2006

October Chill

Brrrr.... it was a cold morning! Considering the temperature, a surprisingly large number of us (13) gathered to ride on Saturday, enduring 37 degrees riding north. Wally led the way out of Salem and on to Hamilton, where we ate a warm breakfast at Henderson's. (A very friendly place!) Wearing our official jerseys and looking quite awesome were Joan and Paul, Bill, Gail, Margie, Sheldon, Cape Cod Mike and Tam. (Donna wore her jersey beneath her many layers.) Susan and Ducky also bundled up for the ride -- and Ellen and Cape Cod Mike drove up from the Cape for what may be their last ride of the season.

After breakfast, some folks headed home while a few others continued on for a foliage ride through Bradley Palmer State Park. Despite the cold start, it became a beautiful fall day and the gorgeous colors of autumn were on full display. (Photo: Wally, with a beautiful fall maple tree over his shoulder.)

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Donna said...

It was 37 degrees yesterday morning (Sat.). Not sure I would have biked, except that Ellen and Mike were driving up from the Cape (just  over an hour drive) to come up and bike at 7:00am with the Cyclopaths. My car did not start. Apparently, it was the starter, not the battery. We attempted to jump it, with no luck.

Thankfully, Ellen and Mike had room for me and my bike to make it to our starting point.  Later, Mike was able to knock some sense into it with a hammer and it has been OK since. (Keep your fingers crossed). It is part of the starter. It needed a tap of a hammer. I am clueless when it comes to cars. I can jump start a car and change a fuse, that may be the extent of it. Otherwise, I dial Triple A!

We biked 8.5 miles to breakfast at Hendersons, admiring the foliage and Halloween decorations along the way. The frost on the grass too! We even witnessed a man scraping his windshield. A real New England "Fall" morning. Everyone was bundled up.

Most headed directly home. Ellen, Mike, and I headed to Bradley Palmer State Park. We pedaled over the leaves. Instead of "leaf peeping" we were "leaf pedaling" as many pretty colored leaves were already on the ground. We rode over them. The park was empty. We enjoyed the scenery. On the back side of the park was a farm. There was a pretty white horse, and two peacocks. However, when we circled back the peacocks hid behind the barn. Ellen and Mike did not see them, so the rumor mill was churning as to whether I really saw them......... I've been known to have a vivid imagination. I should have had my camera handy!

We climbed a few hills. Mike accelerated uphill. Me, on the other hand, pedaled at a social pace. We passed a few farms and horses. We took a time out, Kodak moment pit stop, alongside the reservoir on "Rt 1B" with beautiful foliage surrounding it. There was a woman walking with her child I recruited as a photographer. We made our way back to Salem. Salem is pretty crazy this time of year-- due to Halloween. A total of 25 miles.