Saturday, September 09, 2006

WANTED: Saturday morning breakfast destinations!

It appears we may have worn out our welcome at a few places, as our growing number of riders presents a problem at some locales. The Whittier did not seem pleased to see us today, nor were they receptive to a large crowd of 18. Our next destination, Stone Soup, was packed. (The place we ended up at was empty, and able to accommodate our split group -- but with $2.50 for a cup of coffee, I don't think we will be returning any time soon.

Any suggestions for new "short route" destinations, where we can all enjoy breakfast together again?


Anonymous said...

we could do a reverse "reds" ride?? was wondering how everyone got back Saturday - i know Tammy tunred back to 1A - but i thought the plan was a left on Argyle and then? i ended up with carl and Ducky but after Ducky left me in Beverly - it was me - there was one spot where there were cars pulled over on the left and right and as i manuvered threw the maze for some reason i was on my right brake when all of a sudden an elderly gentleman in a big caddie pulled right in front of me and parked just where i was heading - if my brake was not there i would not be here!! tell me there is not a cyclopath angel watching over us. i told the gentleman that he could have ruined my day but he was unmoved - other things on his mind!! m

Anonymous said...

Hey Tam,
Here are a few options I know of. I think you have all the places in Ipswich but here are some I also know of:

Henderson's Cafe
300 Main St, Wenham
Phone: (978) 468-1071

Depot Diner
23 Enon St (1A. Plaza by Bertucci's & Starbucks)
North Beverly
Phone: (978) 922-6200

In Essex on Western Ave (Rt 22) there was a restaraunt called Vintage. They had cheap and good breakfasts. However, a few weeks ago I drove by the place and it's not Vintage anymore! I forget the new name or even if they do breakfast but I can check it out for ya.

Bruni's Market on Rt. 133 in Ipswich has good stuff too. They don't serve breakfast but they have a new seating area and have coffee, baked goods and good deli sandwiches.

There is always the Rowley Pancake House but it is usally BUSY.

Love ya,

Tammy said...

My dear sister Heather! Thanks for the ideas! Personally I think we should have breakfast at your house on Larch Row... but I know you sleep late on Saturdays. Cheers!! --Tam