Saturday, September 16, 2006

Manchester/Gloucester... Annisquam?

What a beautiful day! Another good crowd this morning -- 17 of us in all -- including Paul G. who managed to climb out of bed in time to catch up in Beverly Farms. Cape Cod Mike joined us this morning while Ellen set off on a 17 mile run through Nahant. Also nice to see Meg and Allison again!

The crowd headed north towards Manchester, with some folks stopping there while others continued on. Hope the Gloucester riders Lisa, Arlene, Steve-Bob, Allison, and Meg had a great ride north.

The remaining 13 of us (including Sheldon, Manny, Ducky, Gail, Av, Donna, CC Mike, Mike K., Lynda, Paul, Bill and Tam had another enjoyable breakfast at the Beach Street Cafe -- where coffee costs $1.50 with unlimited refills! (And Bill Indresano shared a funny joke -- wish I could remember it!) A great ride with many laughs and a lot of fun.--Tam

Photos: A few of the Cyclopaths of 2007 -- I will try and post everyone over the next few weeks! Above: Av, Mike K., Ducky, and Gail.


Anonymous said...

Once upon a time everyone stopped and broke fast together and then those who wished to ride further and/or faster continued on. It was a tradition that seems to be fading.

Gearguy said...

Ellen Ran 18.6 miles! A 30K! Yes I am very proud of her. I am not sure she enjoyed Her run as much as I enjoyed my ride! Have a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year Cyclopaths! Ellen and I will cya next year.

TriMom217 said...

'cuz 17 just wasn't far enough ;)
Missed riding with the 'Paths tho, can't miss too many more rides.

Tammy said...

Oops! Sorry I got that wrong Ellen! I thought I heard "17 miles"... WOW on the 30K -- Very impressive!! WAY TO GO!! -- Tam

Sprocket Girl said...

So Ellen, how was your little run? :) I am in awe of your ability! I am lucky to run a few miles, I can't even imagine the feeling after 18+... did you reach whatever your goals were (time, finishing on your feet, etc) ?

Congrats, lady!

- Lynda