Saturday, September 09, 2006

Ipswich and Topsfield

A beautiful day and another great day for riding. Nice to see Paul G., Sue R., and Mike B. back with us! (Unfortunately, Mike had tire problems and headed back early.)

We ventured north through Beverly, Hamilton and Wenham along peaceful, pastoral back roads, passing stables and orchards along the way. With one group inclined to ride more miles, and not having a suitable breakfast spot to accommodate all of us, several riders continued on to Topsfield where they had bagels and coffee -- while the twelve remaining riders enjoyed breakfast in Ipswich. The food was decent, the service fair, the prices steep, but the company and friendship was priceless. (And Barb and Bill joined us for breakfast!) Hope everyone enjoyed their ride! --Tam

(Photo: Gail, Ducky, Carl, Sue, Av, Sheldon, Mike K., and Margie. Click photo for larger view!)

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