Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Fun Run with the Nuns

What happens when 3 Jewish friends run with the Nuns of St. Charles Children's Home on Labor Day?

They have fun! : ) It was a picturesque Labor Day morning. Donna, Cape Cod Mike and Cape Cod Ellen drove up to Pease Air Force Base in Portsmouth, NH to run in a 5K road race (3.1 miles). The race was to support the St. Charles Children's Home--a foster home for kids run by Nuns. Every afternoon they run. The Nuns in full attire with Rosary Beads dangling. The kids run to help build self-esteem and self-confidence.

Donna, Ellen and Mike all made it to the finish line. Ellen, the gazelle, out in front. Donna and Mike took their time and enjoyed running with 4 year old George and 11 year old Jason. George took time to run off the course to climb on a fire hydrant, and literally took time out to pick the flowers, and ran over to crush some of the cones along the route. Cape Cod Mike won a medal for achieving a PR (Personal Record). It was his first race ever. I am sure the first of MANY. --Donna

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Anonymous said...

great job - love the nuns in full gear!! brings back the good old days!! looks like George and Jason could qualify as Cyclopaths as they stop to smell the roses!

have a great day