Friday, September 01, 2006

Even though he can, he won't retire

Excerpted from the Lynn Daily Item, September 25, 2006 Written by Nicole Martinez

Many people look forward to their retirement, counting down the days to 65. But North Shore Community College professor Sheldon Brown said he isn't anywhere near the end.

"I'm not looking to retire anytime soon," the 73-year old said. "I've been here for 40 years. It's a routine that I enjoy."

Brown has been teaching Psychology, Human Anatomy and Physiology, and is a founder of the Forum and Tolerance program started in 1994. The program, Brown said, is a way of teaching about the Holocaust and keeping its memory alive.

"I had an aunt and uncle, and their respective families, perish in the Holocaust," he said. By teaching, I am able to effect change in the world in some small way."

Brown said his love for teaching has given him the opportunity to write his own books to teach his classes with.

'Always a Gentleman,' includes his own personal anecdotes to explain ideas in psychology; and 'Years,' covers the time from birth to adulthood, for use in his human growth and development class. "It gave me a lot of satisfaction to be able to put these books together," he said. "I figured I might lose (the anecdotes) if I didn't put them into a book."

On top of teaching four classes this semester, five the next, and summer classes, he also is very active outside of school. "I rode in my first Pan Mass Challenge in 1985," he said, while showing off his shirt from his first ride. "I rode my 22nd Pan Mass Challenge this summer and it was my best (time) ever."

He said he also rides with a group called The Cyclopaths, and takes pride in working out every morning at the JCC in Marblehead, where he resides.

But overall, he said there is no way to describe his love for teaching.

"I love teaching, and I love interacting with the students. I find a new semester a challenge for me," he said.

And the thought of leaving the industry after 40 years is still not a thought.

"I suppose if I got bored with it, I'd leave," he said. "But I know that if I didn't teach I would miss it."

Item Photo/Owen O'Rourke

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Anonymous said...

YAY Dr. Brown! a.ka. Shlomo, Shelly, Rabbi-Shelly, Shelly-Baby, and Professor.
Still going strong.
Happy Back to School!