Saturday, September 23, 2006


2006 was the summer of the "posse" -- Ethan with his, and Donna with hers! Ellen and Cape Cod Mike, (introduced to us by Donna), traveled up from Cape Cod on Saturday mornings -- ready to ride at 6:30 a.m.

Ethan and his pals, including Adam, Jim, Arthur and Phil, also joined us this summer while we trained together for the PMC! Great riding, good friends! (Photos top: Donna, Mike, and Ellen; Bottom: Ethan, Jim, and Adam.)


Gearguy said...

Thanks for the Great summer! The Cyclopaths made me look forward all week to the Saturday rides. It was indeed a pleasure and I think I caught a case of PMC Fever! Will I ever be the same again? LOL Hope to cya all soon! ccm :)

Anonymous said...

Who knew I had a "posse"?! It has been wonderful having Amazing-Ellen and Cape Cod Mike join the Cyclopaths on Saturday rides. Only true friends would rise at 4:00am and drive up to Salem. Or true Cyclopaths.
One thing is for sure. We ARE GETTING STRONGER! : )