Friday, September 01, 2006

Cyclopath Flying High after the PMC!

From Wednesday's news: The Red Sox sent their top three sluggers back to Boston (from Oakland) for medical tests, with Manny Ramirez (sore right knee), and Wily Mo Pena (left wrist), heading East on Tuesday, joining David Ortiz. Ortiz was scheduled for further tests due to an irregular heartbeat. David Wells also returned to Boston to prepare for his start Thursday.... And our own "Mojito" Dave was there!

Dave writes, "I was in SF on business – Monday & Tuesday.  My boss (a LP in the Red Sox) offered his jet to take a player(s) back to Boston early.  We assumed it would just be David Wells since he is pitching today (Thursday) – little did we realize we’d hit the jackpot!  It sucked for RedSox Nation, yet a once in a lifetime opportunity for yours truly!" --Mojito Dave Living Large!

(In photo: Dave hobnobs with the Sox Elite; David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, the Padre's David Wells; and Wily Mo Pena.)

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