Sunday, August 06, 2006

PMC 2006

CONGRATULATIONS to all Cyclopaths that participated in this year's PMC!

"This one was for Sue."

I apologize in advance if I miss anyone... Congratulations to: Eldest rider-Bill Cantor, Eldest rider to ride from Sturbridge to P-town-Don Ross, The Honorable Sam, "Keep on Spinning" Sheldon, Burger flipping Manny, First time to P-town and Blogmaster Tammy (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!), Tammy's husband and baggage delivery helper Michael, I won't let a broken ankle slow me down Drew, "SuperStar" Lisa and Husband-to-be Eddie Van Halen/Brian, Mojito-Dave (the rider formerly known as Dave Henry), Salem News writer extraordinaire E-man, and his posse -- Adam, Jim, Arthur, and Phil; "Miracle" Mike Meehan -- who completed the 2 day ride!, Grass Skirt Wearing Michael Kelleher, Hostess and volunteer extraordinaire Ann Kelleher, "Sir" Michael Kelleher Jr., Volunteers extraordinaire Christa and Anthony, Watch out for the dishwasher door-Little David, 1st Time PMC rider and new Cyclopath-Lynda, Cyclopath and WOW rider-Patty, Multitime Ironman-Brian Carver, Somersaulting and Crash Test Dummy Shirt Wearing Bruce, Blueberry Pie baking-Ed, Melrose Dave, Gas Passing Dr. Jeff, and his buddy Ben, Real Estate Tycoon Meg, Councilor Mike Bencal, Former Cyclopath Al Rayfield, Nurse and "I was going to ride with you guys"-Marybeth, Back on the bike-Arthur Cantor, Cookie Monster shirt wearing and used to ride with the Cyclopaths-Jeff and his brother Mike, New rider Meagan.

Thoughts and well wishes continue for The Mother of all Cyclopaths, Brenda. Brenda is the connection between the North Shore Cyclopaths and the PMC. -- Donna

And Congratulations to Donna (who forgot to include herself in that amazing list above) for completing the ride to Bourne with bronchitis! Way to go Donna! --Tam

(Photo from Dave's collection)


Anonymous said...

I personally and publicly want to thank Donna, Mike K, and Tammy (alphabetically) for sticking with Sheldon on Sat. Not only did he bike the entire route without getting picked up or lost, but he got to the MMA at his earliest time ever!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to Donna for the helmet gear. Just when I was tiring someone would commment about it and it would remind me why I was there. Also thanks to Mike Kelleher for his coaching before the ride. Finally, thanks to Tammy for putting together and keeping up this blog. And yes I did finish the ride.
Mike Bencal

Tammy said...

I think I could sleep all day. Thank you, everyone, for a great PMC. Saturday was so much fun and I loved seeing our many Cyclopaths throughout the day and at the finish. (It's raining as I type this -- how lucky were we with the weather?)

It was fun finishing the first day with Sheldon, Mike K, and Donna. (I wasn't prepared for the "shower" at the finish!) Congratulations to our founding members, Sheldon, Sam and Bill, for riding another PMC!... Thanks for the many renditions of "Happy Birthday"... Loved seeing everyone at the flagpole. What a great group! I adore you all...

And thanks to everyone riding to P-town for your encouragement... Mike K for your hug at the finish and telling me, "I knew you could do it". (I had my doubts near the end.) Donna and Drew, Ellen and Cape Cod Mike for the signs along the way and the great celebration at the end... Lisa and Brian, "Mojito Dave" (love the new name), Bruce, and Little Dave for the encouragement along the route when you passed me :)... Big hugs to Ethan... and Ed, thanks for directing me to the right ferry. I probably would have ended up boarding a whale watch...

I rode to Provincetown for Sue... and I was doing o.k. until the last few miles of hills, when my muscles started telling me I took on more than I could handle. I was struggling up a hill near the finish, with six miles to go, when I looked to the right of me and saw a picture of Sue posted on a tree, (by Donna, of course), and I made it up the rest of that damn hill on pure emotion. The ride was for Sue...

Anonymous said...

It was my pleasure to ride with Sheldon!
Councilor Mike,
Congrats on completing the whole ride! I know there were doubts in the beginning. Awesome job!
You rode like a pro! Happy Birthday! : )
Special Thanks to Ellen & "Cape Cod" Mike for their hospitality Saturday night and for helping with the signs. I am glad you were able to experience the PMC and share in the P-town festivities. For those of you not in P-town this year, there will be pics of our famous sign: "Smile if you are not wearing underwear." : )
There were some decorations in chalk at the finish line too. Most Cyclopaths were listed on the road with a smiley with a helmet. And there was a pink heart with Sue written in the middle at the finish line.

Anonymous said...


This whole experience was awesome! While I mostly saw Ethan and his posse while on the road, it was great to see everyone at Bourne. I did see Donald quite a few times, and he was looking great. Around Wellfleet I caught up with Mike Jr and rode with him for a while.

Tammy and Bruce: I tried looking for you two after making a pit stop before leaving MMA on Sunday, I waited a while at the end of the road, but figured you both had left already.

This was one of the best events I have ever been in, certainly with the nicest buch of folks!

I could not believe the force of volunteers! Wow! Kudos to them.

The folks that came out to cheer were amazing. Just when you thought you were out of steam there'd be someone or a note or pic there to pick you up.

Being new and all, I didn't realize that you all had met at the Inn, I went to the Fam. Finish, where my friends and family were waiting for me, next year I know better now (only a newbie once)!

You all are a great and special bunch of people, and I am looking forward to continued pedal excursions with y'all!

I have a family get-together this Sat, but I will definitely see you all at next Saturday's ride.

Congrats to you all.

- Lynda

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear everyone had a safe PMC.

It was great to see Mike M. out on the road on Saturday cruising along.

Donna, you are amazing, all the way to P'town with your lungs all junked up.

Tammy, an awesome ride!

Brian and Lisa, Drew, Little Dave, Mike, Sam, Bill, Manny, Sheldon, Mike B, Meg, Ethan, Jim, et al, another great year for the Cyclopaths and the PMC.

I had more fun this year and am re-energized about the PMC.

Other than our 2 Friday night fire alarms at Babson (how's that for a good night's sleep Drew and Sheldon?), it couldn't have been better.

See you all Saturday.


Anonymous said...

All you PMC Cyclopaths are amazing! Congratulations to all! Ducky