Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mad Martha's Post-PMC

Sending Happy Birthday wishes to Bill Cantor!

We had a GREAT ride today, post PMC. Some went to the Beverly Airport (Sheldon, Councilor Mike, Michael Kelleher, and Manny), a few rode to Ipswich (Ducky & Gail), and the rest of us made our way up Rt 1A to Mad Martha's. You could not ask for a more beautiful day! Cool temps and clear skies, with puffy white clouds. No green horns! (Although we ran into a helicopter spraying for mosquitos on the causeway to Plum Island. Let's hope we did not inhale any "bad stuff".) The gang to Mad Martha's included new rider from Seattle Chris (visiting parents in Peabody, read about the Cyclopaths in the paper), and his friend Andrew, Lisa, Drew, Bruce, Ethan, Janine, Lynda, Ellen, Steve-Bob, Carl, Cape Cod Mike and Donna. A fun day!


Anonymous said...

I have a Cyclopath Mystery to solve...

On the return trip from Mad Martha's on Saturday, I stopped in the convenient store across from the grassy knoll in Rowley. The store clerk saw my shirt and asked if I rode in the PMC. I answered Yes. He said he wants to ride because he lost an Uncle in Ohio to Colon Cancer. I informed him we ride from Salem every Saturday.
Then his buddy chimed in-- From Salem?! Are you the lady that left her key here about 3 years ago. Rode home, could not get into her home, and had to return to "the scene of the crime" (Poetic license!). I answered- Not me. But sounds like our group. So, who was it?!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to Herbert William!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy to hear that the mad marthas ride went well - the ride to the airport was fine as well - i needed to get some things done at the Kompound with PMC festivities a great success - speaking of the thursday event i want to thank you all for your generous food donations - i brought about 10 full bags to the local food pantry on friday and they were very grateful - at the airport when the waitress saw us come in we could notice her expression - SHOCK!! she asked where the rest were? and she was relieved to hear that they were heading north!! YYEESS!! she then had a great big smile - also when we were heading out of the restaurant an older gentleman stopped me and asked me if i knew the "JUDGE"? i hesitated of course and he stated that the judge had made his presence known to him a few weeks ago by talking the ear off of this gentlemen and his friends - he did not know the judge prior to this experience and probably is ok with a once in a lifetime meeting!! hope eeveryone has a great week. PEACE


PS does anyone have dave weigands phone # - i thought i did but it was a phone booth??