Thursday, August 03, 2006

Looking forward to the Kelleher's Pre PMC Pasta and Pizza tonight!

Thank you to Anne and Michael, Christa and Mike Jr -- and their friends -- for having us again! (Is Ed bringing his famous blueberry pie?)

We've had a few Cyclopath PMCers on the DL this summer: Av and Brenda, Bruce and Mike Meehan, Little Dave... and now Donna (with bronchitis)! Perhaps we should employ a sag wagon for next year's PMC. :) While the PMC is a cycling event, and it's a challenge to train and ride 90-191 miles, the real challenge of the PMC is the fundraising. Kudos to all who participate, whether you ride or not. The Jimmy Fund benefits either way.

Still waiting on the Salem News, reportedly publishing a nice story on the Cyclopaths by Reporter-Emily, in an upcoming edition. Has it been derailed? I guess we can only wait and see.

To all PMCers, I'd like to pass along Mike Kelleher's sentiments, which he expressed so perfectly -- For those riding the PMC - In memory of Sue, "Be Safe and have a fun ride" - She would not have it any other way!!

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