Saturday, August 26, 2006

Boxford, Bradley Palmer State Park

Boxford and Georgetown: Another large group this morning, including "Cardiac Kid" Av, looking fit and healthy after his early summer surgery; Ducky and her Mount-Washington-climbing son, Tim (great to see him again!); Cape Cod Mike, up from the Cape sans Ellen (who is participating in a triathalon tomorrow!); and Fay, returning for another ride with the Cyclopaths! Beautiful ride to Boxford, where the group split up and Arlene, Steve-Bob and Carl continued on to Georgetown. The rest of the pack (including the above plus Mike K, Paul & Joan, Gail, Donna, Lynda, Bruce, Councilor Mike and Tam) enjoyed breakfast at Wayne's before venturing on to Bradley Palmer State Park (minus a few homeward-bound riders.) A beautiful day!

Cyclopaths in the News (once again): Michael K. pointed out that a great article featuring Sheldon appeared in yesterday's Lynn Daily Item. The story isn't online but we'll scan a copy and post it on the blog soon. Love seeing our fellow Cyclopaths in print! -- Tam


Anonymous said...

Wow Tammy.
I am very impressed at the expediency of posting on the blog! Pic and all! Pretty cool. And just for the record-- Ellen was not home resting for her tri tomorrow, she was swimming a 5K swim (3.1 miles!)
Great ride today. Started out in the cool fog, and rode under some grey spritzing clouds, and ended up under a blue sky with sunshine. Nice to have Cyclopath-Cape Cod Mike back pedaling with the group. I enjoyed riding thru the Enchanted Forest of Bradley Palmer Park.
See you all next week,

TriMom217 said...

oh dear G-d, 3.1 miles is a loooong way to swim! It's one of the few things I would miss a Cyclopath ride for, a triathlon being the other.

Sounds like everyone had a great day!

Tammy said...

Ellen -- Hope you had a good tri and the weather didn't get in the way! -- Tam